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Lot 257: 1976 Pettenella Leontina Sport 'Zagato' roadster

Les Grandes Marques a Monaco, Bonhams (20 May 2006)

1976 Pettenella Leontina Sport
“Zagato” roadster by Carrozzeria Pettenella

Chassis number AP1034
Engine number AR512 S24995

Based in the unlikely location of the hilltop village of San Leo in the Italian administrative district of Pesaro and Urbino (Marche), Carrozzeria Pettenella built a handful of replicas of the vintage Alfa Romeo 6 C 1750 in 1975-76 using Alfa Giulia/GTV mechanics. Total production was said to be 20 units, making the car offered here a great rarity. Great care was taken in the construction of the Leontina Sport, which had hand-made aluminium bodywork and a specially-built ladder chassis with a ribbed aluminium floorpan in the same style as the original Zagato bodywork. Authentic leather interior trim was used, while the tubular front axle with Italian-made Hartford-type friction shock absorbers and an original pattern steering box were further evidence of the care taken to produce a convincing replica. Front disc brakes were carefully concealed by air scoops and only the left-hand drive, wheel size and modern dashboard instruments were external giveaways as to the car's origins.
The power unit was a four-cylinder twin-cam Alfa Romeo engine - this car was said to be the only Leontina Sport to be built with the 2.0-litre engine option - mated to a five-speed gearbox.
The Zagato-type two-seater roadster body is finished in white with red leather interior trim. It has acquired an attractive patina of regular use, though the recorded mileage is still very low.
We are informed that the car has been restored and is in excellent running condition. It currently has a Swiss Registration but has previously been registered in Europe and comes with a copy of the French Carte Gris. With its modern Alfa Romeo powertrain, this car offers an intriguing compromise between vintage style and modern levels of performance and reliability.
La carrosserie roadster biplace est peinte en blanc avec garnitures intérieures en cuir rouge. Malgré son faible kilométrage, la voiture a acquis une belle patine révélatrice d'une utilisation régulière.
Nous savons que la voiture a été restaurée et qu'elle est dans un excellent état de fonctionnement. Elle possède actuellement une immatriculation suisse et vient avec une copie de son ancienne carte grise francaise.
Avec sa moteur Alfa 2 litres, cette voiture offre un intéressant compromis entre le style ‘ vintage’ et un niveau de performance et de fiabilité très actuel.

Lot Details
Auction Les Grandes Marques a Monaco
Bonhams, Monaco
Lot Number257
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price€28000
Hammer Price (inc premium)€33017
Condition rating
Registration number
Chassis numberAP1034
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors