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Lot 413: 1957 Cadillac 2 Door Sedan

Fine Motor Cars and the Jaguar Legend, Coys (14 July 2007)

In 1949 Cadillac was entering its post-war boom. Unlike any other marque, dealers found themselves selling to 'pools' where groups of people would get together to buy one Cadillac! The company had a tough reputation to maintain, and so in 1948 chief stylist Harley Earl introduced the tail fin, inspired by the Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighters that had used Cadillac built engines. Lasting for well over ten years the tail fin was perhaps the most recognised styling exercise ever, also serving to bring back the car's centre of aerodynamic pressure, thus increasing high speed stability. In 1949, Harley Earl introduced new styling for the rest of the car, integrating body and 'fenders' more closely for a unified look. The Motor commented that, "their form, like that of a salmon, is entirely suited to travel in one direction. Static pictures can do scant justice to their natural look as they glide along the road."This privately owned Cadillac celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. It is a 62 Series sedan and its original production document is enclosed in the history file. Originally built on the 12th march 1957 in Detroit, it was number 59528 off the production line, starting its life in San Diego with its first owner. The car was brought to Great Britain in 1991 and has had three owners since, and it comes with many documents from both its time in America as well as its life this side of 'the pond'. It has been with its current owner for the last four years and has been, the vendor reports, the most wonderful friend, providing incredibly reliable motoring whether just popping to the shops or travelling great distances for an "Elvis Convention in the country "; even performing perfectly at its owners wedding whilst causing a most pleasant surprise for the bride with its multi-functional electric bench seat.The car is presented as a fully working machine , complete with MoT test certificate, bills, original production documents, and many useful and fascinating manuals and specification charts, including two certificates from the Cherished Car Underwriting Agency and highlighted with a 1957 'Cars and Parts' signature series shop manual on CD-ROM.

Lot Details
Auction Fine Motor Cars and the Jaguar Legend
Coys, Blenheim Palace, UK
Lot Number413
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price£5528
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating
Registration numberESK L26
Chassis number5762059528
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors