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Lot 425: 2004 Rolls-Royce Phantom

Fine Motor Cars and the Jaguar Legend, Coys (14 July 2007)

From the moment work started on the formative concept sketches of the Phantom, it was crucial that the design team, led by Ian Cameron, had an instinctive feel for what makes an unmistakable Rolls-Royce 'look'. We can all appreciate the boldness and confidence of a Phantom II or the flowing grace of a Silver Cloud, but it takes a trained eye to assess those lines and see the science behind the shapes. To this end, Cameron and his team scrutinised the company's greatest creations in an effort to discover the essence of Rolls-Royce. The iconic grille and Spirit of Ecstasy mascot are obvious identifiers, but there are numerous more subtle elements that have an equally powerful effect. The coach doors and striking use of chrome. The gentle, upswept line of the sill known internally as the 'waftability' line - that creates a powerful, poised stance and makes the car appear to be moving when stationary. With closer inspection, other themes emerge. A long wheelbase is crucial to achieve the classic Rolls-Royce look, as is a long bonnet, but while the front should be bold and upright with a short overhang,The rear needs to be softer, with the roofline blending into a wide 'C' pillar (the rearmost of the car's vertical roof support posts), to give a flowing appearance. Large wheels add an essential sense of proportion: the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars rule of thumb being the diameter of the wheel and tyre is roughly half the height of the car. Our absolute priority, explains Cameron, was to create a motor car that is clearly a Rolls-Royce even when the radiator grille is not in view. Now that you're armed with the secrets of Rolls-Royce design, you can cast an educated eye over the Phantom, and appreciate how Cameron and his team have fused classic proportions with strikingly modernity to create the definitive 21st century Rolls-Royce. It is indeed unusual for Coys to present such a modern car however, given the heritage of both companies, it somehow seems entirely appropriate. This Phantom was originally sold to the American market in 2004 but was bought back to London only recently. The specification is to US slandered, this includes rear light clusters, indicators and adjusted headlights. The costs to convert to UK specification, we have been advised, is £3,300. It should be noted also that, whilst it has not yet been registered in this country, all import duty has been paid and so this example has free circulation within the EU. With two previous owners and just 6,300 miles recorded, this automotive stately home still has its manufacturers warranty until 2008 entitling it to free servicing with unlimited mileage. A full Rolls-Royce history accompanies this car described as 'outstanding' by the vendor. And so it is.

Lot Details
Auction Fine Motor Cars and the Jaguar Legend
Coys, Blenheim Palace, UK
Lot Number425
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating
Registration numberUK duty paid
Chassis numberSCA1S68444UXO7486
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors