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Lot 143: Morgan Model F4 Project

The Banbury Run Sale,Motorcycles and Motor Cars, Bonhams (15 June 2013)

Racetrack successes undoubtedly encouraged Morgan sales but by the early 1930s increasing competition from cheap light cars prompted the introduction of more refined version: the F4 powered by the 8hp Ford Model Y's 933cc four-cylinder engine complete with three-speed gearbox, electric starter and dynamo. For the F4 the v-twins' traditional tubular chassis was abandoned and in its place was a pressed-steel, 'Z'-section frame, the engine acting as a stressed element, with the customary sliding-pillar independent suspension at the front. Girling brakes were adopted and in a departure from Morgan tradition all three were operated by the foot pedal, with the handbrake operating on the rear wheel. The body was similar to that of the twin-cylinder 'Family' model, but although marketed as a four-seater the F4 was really a '2+2', the rear seats being suitable only for children. The four-seat F4 was soon joined by the two-seat F2, while towards the end of the 1930s Ford's 10hp 1,172cc E93A engine superseded the Y-type. Correspondence on file speculates that this F4's chassis number - 'F2' - might indicate that it is the second of the type built. Stanley Thorpe acquired this early F4 as a restoration project in August 2001. The body appears to have been reconstructed but it is not known what other works - if any - have been carried out. A copy of a letter on file, dated June 1995 and written by the then owner Michael Green, states that he acquired the Morgan to 'do up' and describes the body as 'completely junked'. There are a number of 'as found' photographs in the file confirming his assessment, together with a tax disc (still in its holder) that expired on 31st October 1975, which is almost certainly the last occasion the Morgan was on the road. Offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed, the car also comes with sundry invoices, assorted correspondence and copies of a Model F brochure and period road test. In addition, there are photocopies of an expired MoT (1975-76), old V5 registration documents and an old-style logbook (issued November 1959) recording a change of engine from 'RC 734311 PC' to the current unit in August 1974. A challenging but potentially most rewarding project for the Morgan enthusiast.

Lot Details
Auction The Banbury Run Sale,Motorcycles and Motor Cars
Bonhams, Oxford. UK
Lot Number143
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating
Registration numberAOC 646
Chassis numberF2
Engine numberRG768797P
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors