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Lot 166: Volkswagen T2 Panel Van

Classic - Collectors and Sports Cars, Barons (28 October 2013)

The second-generation Type 2 lost its distinctive split frontwindscreen, and was slightly larger and considerably heavier than its predecessor. Its common nicknames areBreadloafandBay-window. At 1.6 litre and 35kW (48PS; 47bhp) DIN, the engine was also slightly larger. The new model also did away with theswing axlerear suspension and transfer boxes previously used to raise ride height. Instead,half-shaft axles fitted withconstant velocity jointsraised theride height. The updated Bus transaxle is sought after by off-road racers using air-cooled Volkswagen components. The T2b was introduced by way of gradual change over three years. The first models featured rounded bumpers incorporating a step for use when the door was open (replaced by indented bumpers without steps on later models), front doors that opened to 90 from the body, no lip on the front guards, unique engine hatches, and crescent air intakes in the D-pillars (later models after the Type 4 engine option was offered have squared off intakes). The 1971 Type 2 featured a new, 1.6 L engine with dual intake ports on each cylinder head and was DIN-rated at 37 kW (50 PS; 50 bhp). An important change came with the introduction of front disc brakes and new road wheels with brake ventilation holes and flatter hubcaps. Up until 1972, front indicators are set low on the nose rather than high on either side of the fresh air grille  giving rise to their being nicknamed 'Low Lights'. 1972's most prominent change was a bigger engine compartment to fit the larger 1.7- to 2.0-litre engines from the Volkswagen Type 4, and a redesigned rear end which eliminated the removable rear apron and introduced the larger late tail lights. The air inlets were also enlarged to accommodate the increased cooling air needs of the larger engines. Offered here is a panel van of 1979 vintage which has undergone something of a transformation after considerable expenditure. The body shell has been completely restored and mildly customised with shaved door handles and remote control opening. The interior has been fitted out with racing style seats to the front and l-shaped seating/sound boxes in the rear into which speakers have been fitted. The van sits on chromed Porsche Fuchs alloy wheels and has a sweet 1600cc engine, which has recently had the head overhauled. Finished in Jade green with black sports seats, plus green cushions to the rear, this T2b Panel Van is in exceptional condition having been the subject of works totalling over 25,000.

Lot Details
Auction Classic - Collectors and Sports Cars
Barons, Esher Hall Sandown Park Exhibition Complex Surrey. UK
Lot Number166
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£8200
Condition rating2
Registration numberEPH 529V
Chassis number
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
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