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The Healey Factory

The HealeyFactory is 25, mostly classic car owning enthusiasts, working amongst and on classic sports cars.

Our tradesmen include mechanics, body makers, panel beaters, welders, automotive painters, fitter & turners and toolmakers. Most of our staff have vast experience beyond their trade ... skills learnt from enthusiasm to do things better.

The opportunity to have pride in a job well done is the main motivation for working at The Healey Factory and our national and international reputation for quality is valued by all who work here.
Contact Details
Address: 73-79 Heatherdale Road
Vic 3134
Telephone: 03 9872 3900
Fax: 03 9872 4445

This contact is held under the following classifications:
  • Restoration
  • Servicing
  • Parts
  • Repair
  • Sales
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