Zaporizhzhia Automobile Building Plant went down in the history of Ukraine as a first-born of domestic combine-building, then it became the first company in the country, which mastered manufacturing of small class vehicles. The plant was growing, constructing, rising from the ruins, modernizing, re-profiling, retraining, but kept going forward, following the main course directed for manufacturing of high-quality domestic vehicle.
1959 saw the beginning of passenger cars manufacturing in Ukraine. Totally (from 1960 to 1994) there were 3,422,444 "Zaporozhets" vehicles manufactured in Zaporizhia and engines with air-cooling in Melitopol. in 1988 the serial production of "Tavria" family passenger cars was started in Zaporizhia and manufacturing of engines with liquid cooling - in Melitopol.

In 1998 The Joint Ukrainian-Korean Venture with Foreign Investment in the form of a Closed Joint Stock Company "AvtoZAZ-DAEWOO" was registered. Manufacturing of a new "Tavria-nova" car was started. Works on production preparation were completed and SKD assembly of the European level vehicles "Lanos", "Nubira", "Leganza" was started in Illichivsk Plant of Automobile Units (SSS "IPAU").

Models produced by ZAZ
1102 Tavria
1102 Tavria 1989-1997
  1102 Tavria Nova 1998-2007
  1103 Slavuta 1998-0
  1105 Dana 1994-1997
11055 Pick-up
11055 Pick-up 1998-0
965 Zaporozhets
965 Zaporozhets 1960-1969
966 Zaporozhets
966 Zaporozhets 1967-1972
968 Zaporozhets
968 Zaporozhets 1972-1994
  Lanos 2004-0
  Lanos Pick-up 2005-0
Sens 2005-0
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