Charles Warren Nash (1864-1948) was born on a farm in Illinois.  In 1910, Nash was charged with the management of the Buick car factory.  At that time, the company was still suffering losses, but as early as 1911 profits had risen to $800,000 and even rose to over $12 million in 1914.  In 1912, Nash switched to General Motors, but the country boy's ambition to found his own car make remained.  In 1916, he purchased the Jeffrey Company, where the first Nash was manufactured in 1918.  Nash was already selling 31,008 trucks and passenger cars a year by 1919.  Business went so well that Nash was able to take over several companies including the Seaman Body Corporation, the Lafayette Motors Corporation, and the Mitchell Motorcar Corporation.  In 1928, the number of sold cars was 138,137, a record that would not be broken until after the war.  In 1922, it was followed by a model with a four-cylinder overhead-valve engine which cost $985.  In 1930, the first model with an eight-in-line engine rolled off the assembly line.  In that year, there were three basic models in the range.  The addition twin ignition meant that the engine had double ignition with two spark plugs for each cylinder.  The three series were available in no less than 31 body versions, from a two-door coupe to a seven-seater limousine.

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Models produced by Nash
400/Lafayette 1936-1939
600 1945-1948
Airflyte Ambassador
Airflyte Ambassador 1949-1955
  Ambassador 1952-1954
  Ambassador 1955-1957
  Ambassador Custom Cabriolet 1948-1948
  Ambassador Suburban 1946-1948
  Eight 1930-1933
Eight 1934-1939
  Healey 1951-1951
Healey 1952-1954
Metropolitan Series 54
Metropolitan Series 54 1954-1956
  Metropolitan Series 56 1956-1957
Nash-Healey 1951-1954
Rambler 1950-1956
  Six 1930-1933
Six 1934-1939
Statesman 1953-0
Statesman Airflyte
Statesman Airflyte 1952-0
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