Although no more than 241 H.R.G.s were built, the make made history in England.  The factory was founded in 1936 by technician E.A. Halford, mechanic Guy Robins and designer H.R. Godfrey at Oakcroft Road, Chessington. Godfrey's designs included the G.N. sports cars.  H.R.G. built sports cars without suspension or any other comforts, but they were very fast.  The long bonnet concealed an engine by Singer or Meadows.  In the Spring of 1936, a first prototype appeared, and by the end of that year five cars had already been delivered.  The pre-war models did not yet have hydraulic brakes and the cars had rigid front and rear axles until well into the '50s.

There was never a broad range to choose from, as the following production figures indicate:

Model            1.5 Litre Serie A           1.5 Litre  Serie W       1100 S

1935                          1

1936                           5

1937                         10                                   1

1938                                                                8                             1

1939                                                                1                              7

Total                          16                                10                              9

The remaining 207 cars were produced after the Second World War.  A last prototype of the H.R.G. make appeared in 1966.




Models produced by H.R.G.
1.5-Litre 1935-1938
1100 1938-1950
1500 1939-1956
1500 Aerodynamic
1500 Aerodynamic 1946-1947
  Singer-HRG 1955-1956
Twin Cam
Twin Cam 1955-1956
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