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In the mid-50's a motoring merger was formed in 1954 between American auto-makers Nash and Hudson, the new company becoming American Motors, or AMC. Throughout the 1950's, 60's and 70's AMC were always one of the smallest players in the US market. Models included the successful Javelin and Rambler and less-successful Gremlin and Pacer.

In 1970 AMC merged again, this time with Kaiser-Jeep. AMC passenger cars struggled to compete with the mighty Ford and General Motors, surviving mainly thanks to a strong following of the Jeep brand. By the mid-1980's AMC had been brought-out by Chrysler, today only the Jeep brand survives

Models produced by American Motors Corporation - AMC
Ambassador 1959-1959
  Ambassador 990 1967-0
  Ambassador Brougham Hardtop 1071-0
  Ambassador Brougham Station Wagon 1972-0
Ambassador DPL & SST 2-doors
Ambassador DPL & SST 2-doors 1967-1969
  Ambassador Hardtop 1969-0
  Ambassador Sedan 1969-0
  Ambassador SST 1969-0
  Ambassador SST Station Wagon 1970-0
  Ambassador Station Wagon 1974-0
AMX 1968-1971
  AMX Coupe 1970-0
  AMX Coupe Hardtop 1970-0
  AMX Fastback Coupe 1968-0
  Concord AMX 1978-0
  Concord Limited 1979-0
  Eagle Kammback 4X4 1981-0
  Eagle Sedan 4X4 1981-0
  General Hummer 1997-0
Gremlin 1970-1978
  Gremlin GT 1978-0
  Gremlin V-8 1971-1978
  Gremlin X 1978-0
  Hornet 4-Door Sedan 1975-0
  Hornet Hatchback 1974-0
Hornet SC/360
Hornet SC/360 1971-1971
  Hornet Sedan 1971-0
  Hornet Sportabout 1971-0
  Hornet SST 1972-0
Javelin 1968-1970
Javelin 1971-1974
Javelin SST
Javelin SST 1968-0
Jeep Cherokee
Jeep Cherokee 1972-1983
Marlin 1966-1967
  Matador 1972-0
  Matador Coupe 1975-0
  Matador Coupe Barcelona 1978-0
  Matador Coupe Brougham 1977-0
  Matador Coupe X 1974-0
Matador Coupes
Matador Coupes 1974-1978
  Matador Hardtop 1971-0
  Matador Sedan 1971-0
  Matador Station Wagon 1972-0
Metropolitan 1958-1962
Pacer 1975-1980
  Pacer Wagon 1976-1980
  Rambler American 1958-1958
Rambler SC/Rambler
Rambler SC/Rambler 1969-1969
Rebel Machine
Rebel Machine 1970-1970
  Rebel SST 1970-0
Rebel SST Hardtop and Convertible
Rebel SST Hardtop and Convertible 1968-1970
  Spirit AMX 1979-0
  Spirit Liftback Limited 1979-0
  Spirit Liftback Sedan 1979-0
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