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The Speedwell Motor & Engineering Company of Reading was founded in the 1890s by the brothers Dew to supply components for the cycle trade. Both were pioneer motorists, an Arnold-Benz and a Daimler being their first two cars in 1897. They were also enthusiastic advocates of the Gardner-Serpollet steam car for which they held an agency. It is not clear what all the makes of cars were that Speedwell sold, but it included De Dion-Bouton, Hanzer, MMC, and Renault, whilst for 1904 the business became the English agents for Léon Bollée cars. The voiturettes marketed as Speedwell in the 1903-4 period were the products of Messrs Lacoste et Battmann of Paris and it seems that Speedwell maintained this particular French connection at least until 1906. It is unlikely that Speedwell ever actually made any of the motorcars that it sold. The business was later taken over by Brown Brothers.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

Models produced by Speedwell

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