Yak Yeoman

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Owner henrywheeler
Location Audlem,

This is a Yak Yeoman, one of about 62 ever made, and one of only two on the road in the UK today. It was most likely ‘factory’ built in that it has a regular registration, not a ‘Q’and the windows are etched with the number plate info, routinely done with a ‘factory‘ car…that was rarely done by an amateur builder. The design and construction of the KD(knockdown) body and chassis units was originally done by Manchester Ford, with the intent to send them off to third world countries. In fact, most of them did go to South Africa, Greece, Australia, and elsewhere abroad. The very angular lines of the body was intentional in order to stack them efficiently for shipping. The present managing director of Stoodley Auto Auctions has indeed confirmed the background of these cars, as his father was the mover behind the original project. Paul Stoodley recalls that he learned to drive on the family property in one of these! It uses off the shelf Ford Escort and Sierra parts, and has plenty of poke, due to its relatively light weight all alloy body, and two liter engine, (dead reliable and in perfect operational nick, by the way). It is fitted with a two-ratio four speed gearbox, and though I never use the low gear setting , it allows for off-road or heavy duty work. The description of it is on the drivers side dash.

The ride is surprisingly comfortable on rough surfaces with fairly soft springing, and it can hold its own on the motorway easily, though it’s noisy, what with the soft top and very little sound-proofing.

It remains remarkably unique, as it can seat five (seat belts in the awkward back seat, and a pickup-style rear body, suitable for holding livestock, supplies, unruly children or other household detritus. You don’t need a permit to load this up and go to the tip: they can’t find a category to exclude you! The previous owner used it as a promotional vehicle for a bouncy-castle rental company. And yes, it is for sale (£1850) or swap even for anything interesting, but am particularly interested in a micro-car, ‘73 or earlier anything, trike, the weird, bizarre or strange, or WHY?





2.0 Capri engine (Pinto)

4 Speed (Rocket Box) Gearbox

Sierra Alloys

Road/Fog Halogen Lamps

Recent Full Hood

Hardwood railed cargo floor

All Alloy Bodywork

Drop-down or removeable tailgate

Spare Wheel Carrier

AM-FM Cassette Radio

Mini Instruments, Speedo, Temp, Fuel Gauge

And usual warning lights

Under-Bonnet trouble light (Never used!)

Pin Striped and recent paint

MOT until September 2008

If interested in purchase or swap, simply

call Henry Wheeler, 01270 811068