Ford Prefect 107E

Produced: 1959-1961, 38154 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors,4 seats

By 1959 the 100E range had effectively been superseded by the new overhead valve engined Anglia 105E. Despite the replacement of the Anglia, the four door Prefect remained in production as the Prefect 107E until 1961. Externally the 107E looked the same as before, however mechanically much had changed from the old 100E.

The 107E used the same OHV engine as the new Anglia. The Prefect also used the same four speed gearbox as the Anglia and was a much better car to drive than the old sidevalve car. The 107E came only as a deluxe model, which meant two-tone paintwork, though not exclusively, and plenty of chrome trim. Not only did they have the 105E engine and gearbox but they had a unique back axle, similar to 105E but wider. There were other minor differences.   Practical Classics January 2006 - Featuring Buyers Guide Ford 100E and 107E.  Click Here to view in our shop.

Source: Motorbase
997ccS4 OHVFord 105E engine80.96mm x 48.41mm
Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
72 mph35 mpg
Auction Sales History
Description Auctioneer Date Hammer Price Hammer Price
(inc premium)
645 Ford Prefect 107E De Luxe Saloon Cheffins 4 Dec 2004 £500.00 -
572 Ford Prefect Saloon (1958) Thimbleby & Shorland 17 Oct 1998 £220.00 -
462 Ford Prefect (1960) Cheffins 11 Oct 1997 £250.00 -
227 Ford Prefect 107E (1960) RTS Auctions Ltd 24 Nov 1996 £800.00 -
327 Ford Anglia 105E (1968) Lambert & Foster 10 Oct 1996 £700.00 -
012 Ford Prefect 1007E (1960) Sandown 14 Oct 1995 £1400.00 -
432 Ford Prefect 107E (1960) Lambert & Foster 16 May 1995 Not sold
432 Ford Prefect (1960) Sandown 26 Nov 1994 £700.00 -
018 Ford Prefect 107E (1960) ADT 21 Feb 1994 £250.00 -
Magazine Articles
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Publication Practical Classics January 2006
Buyer Guide - Ford 100E and 107E - Splash out on a sidevalve - It's not very fast, but it is a lot of fun. Ford's overlooked 100E is a little charmer.
Article Thrifty Fifties
40 View
Publication Classics Monthly April 2011
Thrifty Fifties - With a perfect blend of 1950s charm and practicality, these three low-budge classics are ideal for everyday use.  Ford Prefect 107E, Austin A35, Standard 10.
Article Ford Prefect, Standard Ten
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Publication Classic Car Mart February 2009
Ford Prefect, Standard Ten- It's back to basics this month as Simon Goldsworthy compares two british cars aimed squarely at the Fifties family market.
Article Buyers guide - Ford 100E & 107E
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Publication Classic Car Mart June 2007
Buyers guide - Ford 100E & 107E - Period charm, surprisingly practical and ridiculously undervalued - so why have the 100E and 107E been forgotten? Time to set the record straight.
Article Ford Prefect
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Publication Classic Car Mart September 2006
Ford Prefect - Arnold Richards' Prefect is just about perfect for his needs.  Dave Bowers meets a man who's happy with his Ford.
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