Ford Zodiac Mk III

Produced: 1962-1966, 77709 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors,4 seats
Estate,4 doors,4 seats

Ford announced Mk III versions of its Zephyr and Zodiac in 1962. Once again the Zodiac version formed the upper model in the range. However this time the Zodiac featured a unique body which looked considerably different from the lesser models, however the floor pan and running gear were essentially the same as the Zephyr 6 Mk III. The Zodiac also had more power than the Zephyr 6 (an extra 11bhp) which made it capable of reaching a top speed of 100mph.

Differences between the Zephyr and Zodiac were quite significant. The Zodiac had a unique four headlamp front and a full width grille. The rear doors were a different shape and the rear 1/4 windows were behind the doors, increasing the cars glass area. Production of the Zodiac Mk III continued until the new Mk IV models arrived in 1966.  Practical Classics Spring 2007 - Featuring Buyers Guide Ford Zephry/Zodiac MKIII/Ford Cortina MKIII.  Click Here to view in our shop.

Source: Motorbase
2553ccS6 OHVFord Zephyr engine82.55mm x 79.5mm8.3
Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
100 mph18 mpg
Auction Sales History
Description Auctioneer Date Hammer Price Hammer Price
(inc premium)
102 Ford Zodiac Anglia Car Auctions 31 Mar 2012 - £4515.00
142 Ford Zodiac MkIII Barons 12 Dec 2005 £1800.00 -
03 Ford Zodiac MK III BCA 29 Nov 2005 - £1750.00
625 1964 FORD ZODIAC Mk III FOUR DOOR SALOON Christies 1 Jul 2005 £446.00 -
675 1965 FORD ZODIAC MK III FOUR-DOOR SALOON Christies 1 Jul 2005 £1116.00 -
088 Ford Zodiac H&H Sales Limited 8 Jun 2004 £600.00 -
014 Ford Zodiac MKII (1963) Peter Francis 14 May 2002 £1000.00 -
662 Ford Zodiac MKIII (1965) Brooks 6 Sep 1998 Not sold
618 Ford Zodiac MKIII (1963) Sothebys 25 Nov 1996 - £3795.00
237 Ford Zodiac MKIII (1965) Sothebys 6 May 1996 - £6440.00
017 Ford Zodiac MKIII (1964) H&H Sales Limited 21 Sep 1995 £1500.00 -
356 Ford Zodiac MKIII (1965) Sothebys 5 Sep 1994 Not sold
Magazine Articles
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Article Buying guide - Ford Zephry/Zodiac MKIII (1968-1966)
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Publication Practical Classics Spring 2007
Buying guide - Ford Zephry/Zodiac MKIII - Big fins and mod-approved accessories should have made Ford's Z-car a Camaby Street icon, but somehow it slipped throught the net...until now.
Article Mutton dressed as lamb
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Publication Practical Classics September 2001
Mutton dressed as lamb - Dripping with extras at the top of the range, Danny Hopkins drives five executive wannabes.  Vauxhall Viscount, Vanden Plas Princess 4-Litre 4, Renault 30TX, Ford Zodiac MK III, Datsun 280C.
Article Side by Side. Independent Rear Suspensions
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Publication Practical Classics February 2001
Side by Side. Independent Rear Suspensions. Independence Day. Springing rear wheels separately is normal nowadays, but it wasn’t always so. John Simister samples five makers’ first bids for independence.
Article Buying Power - Ford Zephyr/Zodiac MKIII 1962-1966
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Publication Classic Car Weekly 23 June 2010
Buying Power - Ford Zephyr/Zodiac MKIII 1962-1966 - Full six seaters, with loads of luggage space, Ford's Z-cars make a huge amount of sense for those after a practival classic.  RICHARD DREDGE tells you how to avoid a bad'un.
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Article Six Of The Best - Fifties Saloons
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Publication Classic Car Mart November 2005
Six of the best - Fifties Saloons - Austin A30/A35, Ford 100E Series, Wolseley 1500/Riley 1.5, Rover P4, Ford Consul/Zephyr, Zodiac MkII, Vauxhall Cresta/Velox 'PA'.
Article Marque Five 1960s Fords
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Publication Classic Car Mart June 2004
Marque Five 1960s Fords - When it comes to economical, period, family motoring, they don't come much more classic or usable that a Ford from the early Sixties, insists Paul Guinness. Ford Anglia 105E, Ford Cortina Mk1, Ford Zephyr, Ford Zodiac, Ford Classic & Capri, Ford Corsair.
Article Buying Power - Ford Zephyr/Zodiac MK 3
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Publication Classic Car Weekly 18th February 2004
Buying Power - Ford Zephyr/Zodiac MK 3 - Bigger, brasher and bolder than before, Ford's MK3 Zephyr and Zodiac range found considerable fame on TV as Z-Cars.  Richard Gunn looks at buying the flagship Ford of the Sixties.
Article Classics March 2003 pg 82
82 View
Publication Classics March 2003
Maintenance guide: Ford Zephyr/Zodiac MK2. The oh-so-rock'n'roll '50s Fords can be serviced at home with Kim Henson's in-depth guide.
Article Classic Car Weekly 17 October 2001 pg 8
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Publication Classic Car Weekly 17 October 2001
Buying Power. Mk II Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac. Dagenham's 'Three Graces' were the flagship Fords in the late Fifties and early Sixties. American size and style combined to make them among the marque's best loved classics says Ben Field.
Article Classics September 2001 pg 36
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Publication Classics September 2001
Signs of the times. Motor manufacturers battled in the 1950s to provide the saloons demanded by a new motoring orientated market. Andrew Charman looks at the little and large saloon rivals.
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