Produced: 1958-1961, 2927 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors,5 seats

Following on from the success of the 1900 saloon Alfa chose to replace it with a more modern car, the 2000. The 2000 used the same four door saloon layout as before and this time featured a five speed gearbox which had synchromesh on all gears. The engine had obviously been increased in capacity to 2.0 litres (1975cc).

The styling of the 2000 was much squarer than before and looked similar in some ways to the Mercedes "fin-tail" models. The 2000 sold in steady numbers until production ceased in 1961.

1975ccS4 DOHC
Drivetrain and Suspension
DrivetrainSteeringFront SuspensionRear Suspension
Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
100 mph105 bhp 5300
Auction Sales History
Description Auctioneer Date Hammer Price Hammer Price
(inc premium)
316A 1984 Alfa Romeo Spyder 2000 Coys 18 Jun 2005 Not sold
330 1961 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce Touring Coys 14 May 2005 - €15805.00
1113 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spyder Veloce (1961) Coys 21 Jun 2003 - €9000.00
127 Alfa Romeo 2000 Praho ProtoTipo (1960) Bonhams 10 Aug 2002 - £50000.00
065 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spyder Veloce (1961) Coys 30 Apr 2002 Not sold
514 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider (1959) Bonhams 25 Feb 2002 - £8625.00
916 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider (1959) Brooks 23 Jun 2000 - £18400.00
064 Alfa Romeo Spyder 2000S (1961) Christies 29 Mar 1999 Not sold
Magazine Articles
Title Pages Options
Article Classic Cars January 2002 pg 128
128 View
Publication Classic Cars January 2002
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Article Drop-head gorgeous
46 View
Publication Classics Monthly June 2007
Drop-head gorgeous - One is much-maligned, the other universally desired.  But how do they compare decades later?  Triumph TR7 v Alfa Romeo 2000
Article Classic & Sports Car April 2003 pg 96
96 View
Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2003
10 Great 10k Sports Cars. What we'd buy with the money - and what top motor people would take home as personal choices. Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider.
Article Classics October 2002 pg 30
30 View
Publication Classics October 2002
Kings of the Twins. Alfa Romeo's 2000GTV and Lotus' Elan Sprint are powered by two of the all time great twin-cam engines. Peter Knivett compares them.
Article The Holy Trinity
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Publication Classic & Sports Car June 2002
The Holy Trinity - Richard Heseltine falls for the charms of Giugiaro's sublime Alfa Romeo coupes from Giulia Sprint GT t o 2000GTV, with a bit of GTA on the side.
Article Classic & Sports Car April 2001 pg 152
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Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2001
AC vs Alfa Romeo - Fifties grand tourers go head-to-head: can the Greyhound outsprint the 2600?
Article Classic Car Weekly 21 March 2001 pg 12
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Publication Classic Car Weekly 21 March 2001
Buying Power. Alfantastic. The 105-series Alfa Romeo Spider had a production run lasting almost 30 years. Richard Gunn points out what to check if you are thinking of buying.
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