Produced: 1960-1969, 1561000 produced.
Types: Saloon,2 doors,4 seats
Convertible,2 doors,4 seats
The FIAT 600D was introduced in the summer of 1960.

The original 600 had proven to be very popular and up until that point production had exceeded 890,000.  There were changes to the engine, which was uprated from 633cc to 767cc and the final drive ratio was revised to 4.85:1 which improved the car's performance considerably.  Body modifications included swivelling quarter lights in the doors and a strip of bright trim was added along each front wing and door at headlamp centre level. The raised 'sidecar' style side lamps that stood prominently on the top of each front wing gave way to small round 'built in' lamps positioned under each headlamp.

In 1964, the rear-hinged 'suicide' doors were replaced by normal front-hinged doors.  The FIAT 600D underwent further alterations in 1965.  From car number 2,035,001, the final revisions to the 600D took place at the time of the Turin Motor Show.  The bright side trim along the waistline was removed and the three embellishment strips each side of the front badge were reduced to one.  Larger headlamps were fitted together with longer vertical tail lights.  The number of louvres on the rear engine cover was increased.  Large hubcaps had a flattened, slightly recessed central disc.  A more attractive, restyled FIAT badge replaced the original circular one.  The overriders were reduced in height and squared off top and bottom.  On the engine, the oil filter cartridge was dropped; the filtering being carried out by the centrifugal filter only.  A new fuel tank of 31 litres (6.8 gallons) was fitted.

Specifications - both saloons.
Engine: 4 vertical in-line cylinders, water-cooled of 767cc giving 29bhp at 4,800rpm rear mounted.
Cooling System: Water and water pump.
Engine Lubrication: Pressure.
Maximum Speed: 110kph (68 mph)
Fuel Consumption: 5.8 litres per 100 km (48 mpg) pumped to carburettor.
Gears: Four forward speed with synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd and 4th plus reverse.
Brakes: Hydraulic, foot operated drum brakes to all road wheels, with hand operated mechanical brake to rear wheels.
12 Volt Electrical system

Front: Independent transverse spring and wishbones.
Rear: Independent by semi-trailing arms and coil springs.
Telescopic shock absorbers to all wheels.

Length: 3286mm (10' 9.4")
Width: 1381mm (4' 6.4")
Height: 1406mm (4' 7.4")

The FIAT 600's were produced in:
Argentina as the FIAT Concord
Spain by SEAT
West Germany by NECKAR
Yugoslavia as the ZASTAVA

Source: Reg J. Prosser
767ccS4 OHV62mm x 63.5mm
Drivetrain and Suspension
DrivetrainSteeringFront SuspensionRear Suspension
Auction Sales History
Description Auctioneer Date Hammer Price Hammer Price
(inc premium)
102 Fiat 600 Silverstone Auctions 25 Aug 2013 - £5060.00
129 Fiat 600 D Coys 24 Oct 2009 Not sold
138 1963 FIAT 600D Jolly Beach Car
Coachwork by Carrozzeria Ghia
Bonhams 21 May 2007 Not sold
265 Fiat Jolly Four-Seat Runabout with Surrey top (1962) Bonhams 17 Aug 2002 £18400.00 -
214 Fiat Abarth 850TC Replica (1963) Cheffins 18 May 2002 £3300.00 -
334 Fiat 600D (1967) Cheffins 23 Jun 2001 £2300.00 -
320 Fiat 600D Jolly (1962) Bonhams & Brooks 9 Jun 2001 - £10350.00
015 Fiat 600 Abarth 1000 Replica (1967) Poulain LeFur 26 Feb 2001 FF46000.00 -
011 Fiat 600 De Plage Jolly (1961) Poulain LeFur 17 Apr 2000 - FF175400.00
082 Fiat 600D (1965) ADT 11 Oct 1993 £1100.00 -
421 Fiat 600D (1963) Sothebys 10 Jul 1993 Not sold
Magazine Articles
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Article 1967 Fiat 600D
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Publication Practical Classics December 2011
1967 Fiat 600D - After a career testing tanks, Peter Griffin led an attack on rust in the restoration of his Fiat 600.
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