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Article Routine service guide - Austin A30 and A35
Publication Practical Classics July 2012
Routine service guide - Austin A30 and A35 - Kim Henson's step-by-step guide to looking after your post=war 'baby' Austin.
Article Ultimate Grudge match
Publication Practical Classics April 2009
Ultimate Grudge match - Sam Glover settles some long-running classic rivalries...with science.  1977 Triumph Dolomite v 1978 Ford Escort Ghia.  1954 Austin A30 v 1959 Morris Minor 1000, Jaguar 240 v Rover P5B.
Article Staff car sagas
Publication Practical Classics March 2006
Staff car sagas - 1954 Austin A30, 1975 MG Midget,, 1989 Volvo 740GL, 1972 Jaguar XJ6 Series 1.
Article 15 classics you can buy for £500
Publication Practical Classics February 2004
Stay mobile without going modern.† Loads of ideas on tackling the winter in style. Alfa Romeo 33, 1950s Ford 100E, Austin A30/A35, Standard 8/10, 1960s Austin A40 Farina, Morris Minor 1000, Triumph Herald 1200, 1970s Humber Sceptre, Morris Marina, Triumph 2000 Mk 11, 1980s Volkswagen Scirocco, Ford Capri, Rover SD1, Peugeot 205, Vauxhall Carlton.
Article Austin Powered - Austin A30
Publication Practical Classics July 2003
Austin Powered - Austin A30 - Austin’s A30 came with just 28bhp when it was launched in 1952 but you can now give it a whole lot more.  Ben Barry finds out how to make the Flying A really fly.
Article Hobb's choice
Publication Classic Cars May 2003
Austin A35 -  Hobb's choice - Sequential transmissions are the preserve of modern sports cars. So what is one doing in this humble Austin A35?
Article Classic Cars March 2002 pg 116
Publication Classic Cars March 2002
Austin Atlantic vs Bristol 403 - Their markets were worlds apart yet they have more in common than you'd think.
Article Classic Cars February 2002 pg 97
Publication Classic Cars February 2002
Fifties Saloon Racers. We test four hopefuls set to scrap it out in a new Fifties saloon car racing series: Jaguar MkV11, Sunbeam Rapier, Austin A40 and Morris Minor.
Article Buyers Datafile - Austin A90 Atlantic
Publication Practical Classics September 2001
Buyers Datafile - Austin A90 Atlantic - Austin's A90 may have missed its niche in America, but it remains popular in the UK today. Ben Field looks at the realities of buying and owning one.
Article A really useful engine
Publication Practical Classics Spring 2001
A really useful engine - BMC's A-series engine was built for almost 50 years.  Wil Holman tries nine cars powered by it.  Austin A30, Morris Minor,Mini, Austin A40, Vanden Plas Princess 1300, Rochdale Olympic, Morris Marina, Austin Allegro, MG Midget.
Article Buyers Guide - Austin A30/A35
Publication Practical Classics August 1998
Buyers Guide - Austin A30/A35 - Phil Bell gets expert advice on how to buy one of these faithfully friends.
Article Buyers Guide - Austin Babies
Publication Practical Classics January 1993
Buyers Guide - Austin Babies - Kim Henson looks at buying and running an Austin A30 and its successor, the A35, more than 40 years after their debut.
Article Group Test - 60 years of the A30 - Austin Powers
Publication Classics Monthly March 2012
Group Test - 60 years of the A30 - Austin Powers - Celebrating Sixity years of Austin's first unitary car in all its guises - the totally charming A30/35 series.
Article Buyer's Guide - Austin A30
Publication Classic Car Weekly 16 March 2011
Buyer's Guide - Austin A30 - It may be celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2011, but the Austin A30 is still capable of providing practical transport in the 20th Century, says MATT GEORGE.
Article Flirty 30
Publication Classics Monthly October 2009
Flirty 30 - If you're after classic motoring on a budget, the charming Austin A30 will win you over.
Article Buying a baby Austin
Publication Classic Car Mart August 2009
Buying a baby Austin- Austin's A30 and A35 have bags of charm and are easy to keep on the road, making them a popular choice.  But don't part with your cash until you've read our guide.
Article Timewarp Classics: No 42 - 1951: Austin A30/A35
Publication Classic Car Weekly 14 December 2006
Timewarp Classics: No 42 - 1951: Austin A30/A35 - Cheeky and fun to look at, there was a serious intent behind the Austin A30.  KEITH ADAMS recalls the year of its launch and its development - and ponders whether the real news was the car, or its engine?
Article Six of the best...compact saloons
Publication Classic Car Mart October 2006
Six of the best...compact saloons - Every month, Six Of The Best brings you the most diverse and fascinating groups of vehicles we can conjure up.  Paul Guinness is your trusty tour guide. Hillman Imp, BMC 110/1300, Austin A30/A35, Ford Anglia 105E, Triumph Vitesse, Mini 1275GT.
Article Six of the best - Economy classics
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2006
Six of the best - Economy classics - Volkswagen Beetle, Austin A30/A35, Citroen 2CV, Mini. Ford Anglia 105E, MG Midget.
Article Six Of The Best - Fifties Saloons
Publication Classic Car Mart November 2005
Six of the best - Fifties Saloons - Austin A30/A35, Ford 100E Series, Wolseley 1500/Riley 1.5, Rover P4, Ford Consul/Zephyr, Zodiac MkII, Vauxhall Cresta/Velox 'PA'.
Article Road Test - Austin A30/A35
Publication Classic Car Weekly 31 March 2005
Road Test - Austin A30/A35 - Built 1951-65, two-and four-door saloons and estates.  Front-engined, rear-wheel-drive.  4-cyl OHV engine, 803cc and 948cc.
Article Buying Power - Austin A30/35
Publication Classic Car Weekly 1st September 2004
Buying Power - Austin A30/35 - Despite being almost too cute for words, the Austin A30 and A35 can bite if youíre not careful.  Which is why you should read RICHARD GUNNís buying guide if youíre considering buying an example of the car James Hunt drove after he got bored of McLarens...
Article Classics February 2003 pg 38
Publication Classics February 2003
Indestructable Classics: Austin A60 Cambridge vs Volvo 122S.
Article Classic Car Weekly 28 August 2002 pg 20
Publication Classic Car Weekly 28 August 2002
Buying Power. Austin A40. Austin's A40 Farina was never as popular as its Mini and 1100 stablemates, but the world's first small hatchback makes a very usable classic, reckons Richard Gunn, assuming you can live with the rust.
Article Classics April 2002 pg 124
Publication Classics April 2002
Buyer's Guide. Austin A50/55 Cambridge £50 to £2500. Quietly competent yet often overlooked, Austin's 1950s mainstay family models are worth examination, says Kim Henson. . .
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