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Borgward Goliath 700


Produced: 1950-1957, 36296 produced.

The Goliath was introduced in 1950 with a 700 cc two stroke engine which was quickly uprated to 900 cc.  The Goliath had a modern body yet was powered by an old-fashioned twin-cylinder two-stroke engine, which was front-mounted.  There were also 26 sports cars built with Rometsch bodies.  By the time the car was eventually fitted with an 1,100 cc four stroke engine, its image had been ruined.  Borgward tried to recover by giving the car a new body style and renaming it the Hansa 1100 but it was now too late.  A few hundred cars were built from existing parts after the company failed.   

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The two stroke motor was not considered old fashionad at the time.  In fact two strokes had a huge following due to the success of the DKWs before the war.  Because the DKW factory was in the Russian zone after the war, Carl Borgward decided to market a two-stroke car to appeal to the many DKW fans who could no longer get a new DKW, at least not until DKW managed to start a new facility in the West. The Goliath was actually designed on contract by ex-DKW engineers, who later were employed by Borgward.

Goliath introduced (simultaneously with the small firm of Gutbrod) the world's first production cars with fuel injection on a petrol motor. This was a huge advance, giving a big boost in power and economy. Fuel injected Goliaths were very successful in Economy Runs in Australia.

Goliath's main handicap in Germany was that the firm was known for simple three-wheeled commercials, while the Goliath sedan was a little up-market.

In export markets such as the USA and Australia, the Goliath was very highly regarded as an enthusiast's car.

It was superseded by the Goliath (later called Hansa) 1100 four stroke, but it was only the end of the Borgward Group (resulting from govenment intervention) that ended the run of these succcessful niche-market cars.

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