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Hillman Super Minx Series II

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Article 1963 Hillman Super Minx
Publication Practical Classics March 2012
1963 Hillman Super Minx - Welded in a lock-up, sprayed in a shed, the odds were against Richard East getting this rare MK II model back on the road.
Article Buying Guide - Hillman Super Minx 1961-1967
Publication Practical Classics June 2010
Buying Guide - Hillman Super Minx 1961-1967 - A muc overlooked UK classic gets a thorough PC re-evaluation.
Article Join the topless party
Publication Classic Cars September 2006
Join the topless party - A four-searer soft-top is a social life on wheels, and these are the coolest you can buy without breaking the bank.  Who will you take to the seaside this weekend?  Triumph Vitesse vs Morris Minor vs VW Beetle vs Hillman Super Minx
Article Hillman Super Minx
Publication Practical Classics July 2005
Hillman Super Minx - How to love and cherish a Super Minx, from changing the oil to modifying the engine.
Article Buyers Datafile. Hillman Super Minx
Publication Practical Classics February 2001
Buyers Datafile. Hillman Super Minx, Singer Vogue, Humber Sceptre. Super Minxes. They’re Minxes, only bigger. Russ Smith finds what this Rootes range has to offer.
Article Buyers Guide - Family Soft-Tops
Publication Practical Classics Spring 1994
Buyers Guide - Family Soft-Tops - Not all convertibles are two-seaters.  If you've got a family or lots of friends, why not try a bigger soft-top - we've covered over 18 different models in the next eight pages.  Crayford Ford Corsair, Hillman Minx, VW Beetle, Triumph Vitesse, Morris Minor.
Article Charm school - Hillman Minx
Publication Classics Monthly January 2012
Charm school - Hillman Minx - The evergreen Hillman Minx offers a tempting blend of robust engineering and transatlantic design touches.
Article Buyer's Checklist Hillman Imp 1963-1976
Publication Classic Car Mart August 2011
Buyer's Checklist Hillman Imp 1963-1976 - The giant-killing Hilllman makes for an intriguing alternative Mini.
Article Midget of the load
Publication Classic & Sports Car June 2011
Midget of the load - America reached the moon first, but who won the other 'space race'? which '60s family estate car gives Andrew Roberts the biggest buzz?   Ford Corsair V4 GT Estate, Volkswagen 1600 Variant,Simca 1500 GLS Estate, Hillman Super Minx.
Article Buying power - Rootes Sceptre/Vogue/Super Minx series
Publication Classic Car Weekly 28 September 2006
Buying power - Rootes Sceptre/Vogue/Super Minx series - The Super Minx Vogue and Sceptre models were a step up from the cooking Minxes and Gazelles from Rootes, and always felt just that little bit more substantial and better engineered than their BMC Farina, Ford Corsair and rover or Triumph 2000 comtemporaties.  RICHARD GUNN - who owns a Sceptre himself - looks at how to pick up a good one.
Article Flower Power - 1962 Hillman Super Minx Series II Convertible
Publication Classic Car Mart August 2005
Flower Power - 1962 Hillman Super Minx Series II Convertible - This amiable automotive zoot suit from the Rootes Group nods more to the Fifties than the Sixties.  Steve Wilson discovers the past in a Hillman Super Minx Convertible.
Article Super Minx With a Difference
Publication Classic Car Mart September 2004
Super Minx With a Difference - When classic drivers decide to fit a different engine to their cars, they usually opt for a bigger, newer, more powerful engine than the worn-out original.  By way of a change, Simon Hilton added diesel power to his Super Minx. Dave Bowers tells an unusual story.
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