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Maserati Merak 2000/3000

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Article Affordable Supercars - £15k Heaven or Hell?
Publication Classic Cars December 2009
Affordable Supercars - £15k Heaven or Hell?- The most misleading description since Celebrity Big Brother or a genuine opportunity? Join us as we get behind the wheel and quiz the owners.  1977 Ferrari 308GT4, 1975 Lamborghini Urraco S, 1978 Maserati Merak 3000SS, 1984 Lotus Esprit Turbo,
Article The Strange Relations - Maserati Khamsin vs Maserati Merak vs Citron SM
Publication Classic Cars April 2004
The Strange Relations - Maserati Khamsin vs Maserati Merak vs Citron SM - When Citron owned Maserati in the Seventies, the combined talents of two of the most individual car producers resulted in some inspired GT cars. Discover how all of that surreal thinking really works.
Article Buyers Datafile - Maserati Merak
Publication Practical Classics January 1999
Buyers Datafile - Maserati Merak.
Article Buying Power - Maserati Merak
Publication Classic Car Weekly 2 June 2005
Buying Power - The Maserati Merak may be a slightly more conventional supercar than that other great blend of Citroen and Maserati, the SM.  But it still has its own very special idiosyncrasies and problems.  RICHARD GUNN tells you where to look for them.
Article Dark Horses
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2005

Dark Horses - Maseratis Merak and Ferraris 308GT4 led the junior supercar boom of the 1970s, but, says Andrew Noakes theyre more than just cheap substitutes for a Bora or Boxer.

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