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Article 1970 MGB GT
Publication Practical Classics May 2013
1970 MGB GT - From rusty non-runner to glorious wedding car in just four months, restoring this GT was a race against time for Chris Illman.
Article Group Test - Modified MGBs
Publication Practical Classics September 2012
Group Test - Modified MGBs - To celebrate the MGB's 50th birthday, we've brought together six uprated examples.  John Simister finds our which is best.  1964 MGOC MGB Roadster, 1995 MG RV8, 1973 MGB GT V8, 1967 MGB GT6, 1973 MGB V8.
Article Beauty and the 'B' - The styling debate
Publication Classic Cars January 2012
Beauty and the 'B' - The styling debate - Pretty, but not too sexy.  Spritely, but not dangerous.  Its designer Done Hayter and other top stylists debate why we're still in love with the 50-year-old MGB.
Article Testing times
Publication Classic Cars August 2011
Testing times - On the 30th anniversary of the closure of the MG plant the MG Car Club published the original factory test routes.  We take to the road in the last Abingdon-developed MG to see production, the unfortunately short lived B GT V8.
Article Hot tin rods
Publication Classic Cars November 2010
Hot tin rods - Junior GT's from MG and Triumph offer Sixties glamour at surprisingly low prices/  Don you Ray-Bans and take a fresh look a the 'B GT and GT 6
Article Buying Guide - MG B 1962-1981
Publication Practical Classics April 2010
Buying Guide - MG B 1962-1981 - All Bs are stylish and practical, but the rubber bumper version is a steal.
Article Clash of the icons - MGB GT vs Triumph GT6
Publication Practical Classics October 2007
Clash of the icons - MGB GT vs Triumph GT6 - Flat caps, tweed jackets and balmy evenings at an old English pub...the tired old cliches associated with the MGB GT and Triumph GT6.  It's time for some fresh thinking.
Article Group Test - To B or not to B?
Publication Practical Classics April 2007
Group Test - To B or not to B? - That is the question prospective MGB GT owners have to ask when faced with the alternative joys of a TVR 1800 S or that Welsh rarebit the Gilbern GT1800. 
Article MGB Sexier than ever
Publication Classic Cars October 2006
MGB Sexier than ever - The MGB is the uniquitous classic car, so popular that you either love it or resent it.  But with a story as charming as its simple technology, it's easy to dall for the B.  And you can make any one faster, sharper and better - it's worth a second look.
Article MGB & Triumph vs Alfa Giulia GT & TVR Grantura.
Publication Classic Cars May 2006
Some of us trust in the traditional some yearn to be different. We pit two stalwart British roadsters against a brilliantly individual TVR and sophisticated Italian. Which one would you choose?
Article Reality restoration - An MG is born - Part Four
Publication Practical Classics February 2006
Reality restoration - An MG is born - Part Four - When the engine you're rebuilding is rushed to A&E in the back of a taxi, you know things aren't going as planned.  Mark Evans' workshop capers continue.
Article Reality Restoration - An MG is born - Part two
Publication Practical Classics December 2005
Reality Restoration - An MG is born - Part two - Having surveyed the metalwork mountain he needs to climb, TV's Mark Evans reveals how he tackled the restoration of his decrepit 1973 MGB's bodyshell.
Article Buyer Datafile: MG RV8 1992-1995
Publication Practical Classics December 2003
Buyer Datafile: MG RV8 1992-1995 - Rover's engine RV8 added Nineties engineering to the MGB's style.
Article So many ways to be different
Publication Practical Classics February 2002
So many ways to be different. With more modification parts available for the MGB than for any other classic, surely it would be rude not to indulge in a little tweaking? David Lillywhite explains how to do it.
Article Classic Cars April 2001 pg 54
Publication Classic Cars April 2001
MGB vs TVR - Can a modified MGB V8 roadster be compared to a modern TVR Chimaera? We drive an example of each to find out.
Article Class of 62
Publication Octane April 2012
Class of 62 - It's 50 years since the launch of the Selby Cobra, MGB, Lotus Elan and Ferrari 250GTO.  Happy birthday, legends all.
Article Living the dream - Budget MGBs: 13k roadster or £2k GT?
Publication Classic Car Mart February 2012
Living the dream - Budget MGBs: 13k roadster or £2k GT? - With an unlimited budget, most MGB fans would snap up an early roadster.  But for cash-strapped buyers, there are some equally tempting alternative routes to ownership.
Article Happy birthday faithful friend
Publication Classic & Sports Car January 2012
Happy birthday faithful friend - It's the car that introduced millions to sports car motoring, and in 2012 the MGB marks its half-century.  Former owner Alastair Clements pays tribute.
Article Buyer's guide express MGB GT
Publication Classic Car Weekly 31 August 2011
Buyer's guide express MGB GT - Even without chrome bumpers, the MGB's last hurrah is a joy, says MIKE LE CAPLAIN.
Article Classic to restore
Publication Classic Car Mart March 2011
Classic to restore - It's at this time of the year that many of us consider our next project.  But which classics make the best choices right now? Paul Guinness chooses six of his most recommended classic to restore.  Morris Minor, MGB & MGB GT, Classic Mini, Ford Anglia 105E, Triumph TR5, Austin-Healey Sprite.
Article Restoration - MGB GT V8
Publication Classics Monthly February 2011
Restoration - MGB GT V8 - Years of standing in a barn, and then out in the open, hadn't done this MGB GT V8 any favours.
Article Buyer's Guide Express - MGB (1962-1980)
Publication Classic Car Weekly 22/29 December 2010
Buyer's Guide Express - MGB (1962-1980) - The most popular classic ever? BEN WANKLYN guides you through the A-Z of MG's immortal B.
Article Is Abingdon's baby Aston the greatest unsung MG?
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2010
Is Abingdon's baby Aston the greatest unsung MG? - So asks Graeme Hurst after a wintry blast in an MGB GT V8, the brilliant and affordable coupe from the darkest days of British Leyland.
Article Relative values
Publication Octane January 2010
Relative values - They're both among the cheapest ways into FIA Historic GT racing, they're both powered by the same engine.  But which will be quicker at Cadwell Park?
Article Buyer's guide - Simply the best MG?
Publication Classic Car Mart June 2009
Buyer's guide - Simply the best MG?- Cheap to buy, fun to drive, great to work on - the MGB has it all.
Article Buying power - MG RV8
Publication Classic Car Weekly 7 May 2009
Buying power - MG RV8 - To Herald the relaunch of MG before the all-new F was launched, the RV8 was seen as an ideal way to get the Octagon back in the spotlight.  ADAM TAIT is your guide to the beefed up B.
Article Buyers guide - MGB GT
Publication Classics Monthly March 2009
Buyers guide - MGB GT- Ignore the critics - the rubber-bumper MGB is the classic everyone car own.
Article The lost traveller - Sandglow Madness!
Publication Classic Car Mart June 2008
The lost traveller - Sandglow Madness!- This 1976 MGB GT my be a funny colour, but its transplanted engine more than makes up for that, says Steve Wilson.
Article Buying Power - MG B GT V8
Publication Classic Car Weekly 29 May 2008
Buying Power - MG B GT V8- MG took a lukewarm hot dog and soaked it in mustard to create the hairy-chested BGT V8.  IAN SEABROOK guides you around a rare sportacar.
Article Weather beaten?
Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2008
Weather beaten?- Forget the obvious soft-tops, says Graeme Hurst, there's plenty of year-round fun to be had on a budget if you opt for one of these bargain GTs.
Article Buying power - MGB
Publication Classic Car Weekly 28 June 2007
Buying power - MGB - If ever a classic car has really needed no introduction, it's the MGB.  So we won't waste out time here telling you about it.  Just jump straight in to RICHARD GUNN's buyer's guide on the British sportscar with the biggest following of 'em all.  Expert opinion comes from marque specialist Mal Williams of Lower Barn Classics.
Article GT juniors
Publication Classic & Sports Car June 2007
GT juniors - Alastair Clements lives out his grand touring fantasies in miniature and on a budget with MGB GT V8, Triumph GT6 and TVR Taimar.
Article Two car shootout
Publication Classic Car Mart April 2006
Two car shootout - Do you want the practicality of a saloon with the driving pleasure of a sports car? Then what you need is a coupé.  Simon Goldsworthy goes in search of the ultimate all-rounder.
Article The loneliness of the long distant runner
Publication Classic & Sports Car June 2005
The loneliness of the long distant runner - They reckon the humble MGB is the most practical, fun-to-drive and affordable classic.  Martin Port puts the claim to the test, driving just his B for a month.  He also meets a few like-minded owners and suggests rival sports car that still cut it as daily drivers.
Article Road Test - MGB GT V8
Publication Classic Car Weekly 10 March 2005
Road Test - MGB GT V8 - Built 1973-76, 2+2 GT hatchback coup, front-engined, rear-wheel drive, 3528cc V8.
Article Roadster Kill - MGB v Capri v Celica v Scirocco - Group Test
Publication Classics January 2005
Roadster Kill - MGB v Capri v Cdlica v Scirocco - Group Test - 70s sportscars did it with the roof on.  Mark Robinson finds out why.
Article Mid-Term Report - The Lost Traveller
Publication Classic Car Mart December 2004
Mid-Term Report - The Lost Traveller - After nine months with the MGB GT, Steve Wilson tots up the pros and cons....and finds he likes it so much, hes going to hang onto it for a bit longer!
Article MGB V8 - The Lost Traveller
Publication Classic Car Mart October 2004
MGB V8 - The Lost Traveller - Hold on tight! Steve gets to grips with a V8-engined MGB special, tweaked with the help of bits from the legendary Ken Costello.
Article The Lost Traveller: The MG Year - Abingdon Calling
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2004
The Lost Traveller: The MG Year - Abingdon Calling - Steve Bones up on some MG history, while his GT comes under the welder's torch.
Article My Classic and I
Publication Classic & Sports Car February 2003
My Classic and I - Peter Stockwell 1972 MGB GT. MG's grand tours.
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