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Produced: 1948-1950, 894 produced.
Types: Convertible,2 doors,4 seats
MG YT Tourer Rsview (1949)

By the end of World War Two the British motoring industry was desperate to produce as many cars for export as possible. This task was made difficult by such constraints such as steel rationing and more importantly a lack of new models to tempt foreign buyers with. MG Motor Cars were busy producing small sports cars, as well as the dated MG Y-Type saloon, however they also offered a more traditional "tourer" style MG, the YT, which appeared on the market in 1948.

The YT had a pre-war style open, four seater tourer body, built on the same chassis as the Y-Type saloon (later known as the YA). The YT had traditional cut-away front doors and removable canvas side screens, the hood folded neatly away behind the rear seats. Many of the 877 MG YT's produced were built for export, however some cars stayed in the UK and the YT was extremely popular in commonwealth countries such as Australia. Production ended in 1950 and the model was not directly replaced.


1250ccS4 OHVMG T-type engine (XPAG)66.5mm x 90mm7.2

Drivetrain and Suspension

DrivetrainSteeringFront SuspensionRear Suspension


WheelbaseFront TrackRear TrackLengthWidthWeight (CWT)Turning Circle
8' 3"4' 2"13' 8"4' 11" 0 (18)0' 0"

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