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Morgan Plus 4

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Article How to buy a Morgan Plus 4
Publication Classics Monthly Christmas 2009
How to buy a Morgan Plus 4- Triumph running gear in a handsome body - the Plus 4 makes a great choice of 1950s British sportscar.
Article Morgan plus four
Publication The Automobile October 2009
Morgan plus four - In Morgan's centenary year, Jonathan Wood looks at the Plus Four, the model that appeared in Standard Vanguard-engined form in 1951.  Subsequently Triumph TR-powered, it was Morgan's most popular car of the 1950s and '60s.
Article Twin Test - Morgan Plus 4, TD2000 Silverstone
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2008
Twin Test - Morgan Plus 4, TD2000 Silverstone- Can you have a classic car without the classic maintenance? Yes you can, but you have to know where to look, says Simon Goldsworthy.
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