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Morgan Plus Four Super Sports

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Article Malvern thrills
Publication Classic Cars August 2010
Malvern thrills - Inspired by the success of a legendary racer, Morgan created the near-mythical Super Sports.  A drive in the first production car reveals what al the fuss is about.
Article Morgan Magic - The Morgan File
Publication Practical Classics May 2005
Morgan Magic - The Morgan File - Take a ride on the wild side in some modified Morgans.  Dale Drinnon reports on six models that pack an extra punch.
Article Buyer's Guide - Morgan 'Fours'
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2011
Buyer's Guide - Morgan 'Fours' - The eternal British sports car just gets better with age, as Malcolm McKay explains.
Article Mighty Morgans - Morgan Le Mans Cars
Publication Octane December 2004
Mighty Morgans - Morgan Le Mans Cars - In 2002 and 2004, Morgan returned to Le Mans with high-tech racing versions of its powerful Aero 8.  Thirty-two years earlier, things were rather simpler.
Article Marque Five Morgans for the Masses?
Publication Classic Car Mart July 2004
Marque Five Morgans for the Masses? - Thereís a British sports ca manufacturer thatís survived the test of time, is still family owned, and whose products are proving more popular than ever.  Paul Guinness takes a look at five of the best Morgans money can buy. Morgan Plus Four (1954-67), Morgan 4/4 (From Series II), Morgan 4/4 Four-Seater, Morgan 4/4 (Since the í80s), Morgan Plus 8
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