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Pontiac Grand Prix


Produced: 1970-1970, 65750 produced.
Types: Coupe
1969 Model J, 400 auto, 350hp

The 6,558 cc V-7 engine was equipped with quadruple Rochester carburettors to produce power of 355 bhp.  On request a 6,998 cc could be installed for higher power of 375 bhp. 

The Grand Prix, like the 1970 example, was Pontiac's priciest model and it was only available as a hardtop coupe.

Source: Motorbase


6558ccV7 0mm x 0mm0
6998cc0 0mm x 0mm0


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
0 mph0 s0 mpg355 bhp 0
0 mph0 s0 mpg375 bhp 0

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