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Rover P6 2200SC/2200TC


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Article Run to the sun - Road road trip
Publication Practical Classics January 2009
Run to the sun - Road road trip - It's still summer somewhere, so Practical Classics drives its restored Rover P6 across Europe to find it.
Article Buying guide - Rover SD1 (1976-1986)
Publication Practical Classics April 2008
Buying guide - Rover SD1 - The wedge-shaped successor to the P6 shocked the Rover traditionalists when it was launced: but more than 30 yeras on, it still looks arresting.
Article Buying Guide - Rover P6 - (1963-1977)
Publication Practical Classics July 2006
Buying Guide - Rover P6 - Cutting-edge when launched, the Rover P6 became the car every executive wanted.  It is still amazingly modern - and you can buy a minter for as little as three grand.
Article Rover P6 (1963-77) - Buying Guide
Publication Classic Cars April 2004
Rover P6 (1963-77) - Buying Guide - Fabulous build quality and durability means many Rover P6s are still about.  With uncompromised engineering, they're competent cars, yet they're unbelievably cheap.  Buy one before everybody cottons on.
Article American Express - Rover P6 NADA
Publication Classics Monthly November 2011
American Express - Rover P6 NADA - Richard Hallett wanted a rust-free base for his latest project, so this NADA-spec Rover P6 was ideal.
Article Buyer's Guide Express - Rover P6
Publication Classic Car Weekly 10 August 2012
Buyer's Guide Express - Rover P6 - Revolutionary when new, and still well respected today, Rover's P6 makes a practical and enjoyable classic today.  JAMES TAYLOR has the tips you need to buy a good one.
Article Reviving Britain's Baby Buick
Publication Classic & Sports Car July 2010
Reviving Britain's Baby Buick - It's unique, and cost a fortune to restore.  Jon Pressnell tells the story of the uncompromising rebuild of a precious Rover P6 prototype.
Article Buying power - Rover P6 2000/2200/3500
Publication Classic Car Weekly 12 February 2009
Buying power - Rover P6 2000/2200/3500- Rover blew out the cobwebs with the remarkable P6 of 1963.  Under the unstressed skin is surprising complexity, but is this classic favourite worth a punt?  IAN SEABROOK offers up his (er...) unbaised view.
Article Buying Power - Rover P6
Publication Classic Car Weekly 26 October 2006
Buying Power - Rover P6 - It was European Car of the Year when new, and is now one of the great British classics of any year having reached old age.  RICHARD GUNN looks at buying one of the best Rovers ever built.
Article Starter Classic Rover P6
Publication Classic & Sports Car August 2003
Starter Classic Rover P6 - Great build quality and value make a P6 a wise choice, says Malcolm McKay.
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