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Wolseley 14/60 Series III


Produced: 1938-1948, 5731 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors,4 seats
Picture of an unrestored, just newly painted 14/60 with all original engine, transmission, interieur etc. located in the Frankfurt-Area.

The 14/60 Series III was yet another example of a pre-war Nuffeild design "warned-up" for the car hungry post-war market, the 14/60 first appeared in 1938 and remained in production until the all new designs arrived in 1948.

The 14/60 used a 60bhp, twin carb, six cylinder engine which was only capable of a modest 70mph and confirmed the cars pre-war design links. Production of the 14/60 Series III ended in 1948 with the arrival of the new post-war Wolseley range.


1818ccS6 OHV


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
69 mph22 mpg

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