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Lot 209: 1925 BSA 557cc SV Motorcycle Combination

Spirit of Motoring, Coys (29 September 2005)

The Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) company was responsible for the production more than just motorcycles. Since its humble beginnings in 1863, it had manufactured planes, taxi's, and guns. However, the motorcycle division started in 1880 with the first powered bicycle model launched in 1905. BSA had a good reputation for reliable bikes and the success grew with the introduction of the S27 (also known as the sloper model). It was produced for 10 years and was available in a 350cc, 500cc and later a 595cc engine. Through out its production little was change to it's original popular design. During the second world war, BSA was hit badly by German bomb attacks and production was made difficult however BSA kept their pecker up and continued production. After the Second World War, BSA was the largest manufacturer of motorcycles world wide and was responsible for some of the most successful racing and best loved names in British biking. This extremely genuine and largely original 557cc SV model is amazingly just one family owned from new having only passed from uncle to nephew in its life. Produced in 1925 it was purchased new by a Mr Geradine who bought it with money earned from prize fighting. It was his only transport and was regularly used to travel long distances often transporting his family of four from north London to Newcastle to visit relatives before the War. It comes with a history file containing books, manuals and some V.M.C.C awards along with the original buff log book and current V5c. Having passed to Mr W Geradine(his nephew) during the 1950's, the bike continued to get much use and was often seen on V.M.C.C. rallies until his recent passing. A truly charming example, it is offered here in good working order.

Lot Details
Auction Spirit of Motoring
Coys, Westminster, London SW1
Lot Number209
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£4234
Condition rating0
Registration numberMH7592
Chassis number10096
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors