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Lot 230: 1983 Porsche 911 3.0L SC

Spirit of Motoring, Coys (29 September 2005)

It was evident to Porsche management in the late Fifties that the 356 series was rapidly becoming dated and reaching the end of its development potential, so in 1959 Ferdinand Porsche began designing a new car. A number of criteria were laid down: the car would have no more than a 2,200mm wheelbase and would carry two adults and two children. The new model was introduced at the Frankfurt Show in September 1963. It was a significant advance on the outgoing car, providing greater performance, space and refinement. The new engine, a 1,991cc opposed 6 cylinder unit, was designed by Ferdinand Piech, Dr Porsche's nephew. Situated in the rear to maximise space efficiency, it produced 130bhpNot only has this model now become seemingly immortal, but it has undergone the most rigorous development programme over its life of possibly any car. The 911SC was unveiled at the Frankfurt show in September 1977. Essentially this new 911 was very similar to the previous Carrera 3.0, with the same basic specifications, styling, and features. Power was up slightly from the previous 2.7 model, and a flatter torque curve made the car much easier to drive. This was met with great praise from the car press at the time; "Road and Track" said: "The formerly finicky 911 drives like a big V8 powered Detroit car. There's lots of torque, so constant downshifting isn't necessary even in slow traffic. No Porsche owner is going to let the revs fall to 1000 rpm in fifth gear and then attempt to accelerate. But to prove a point, we did this with the SC and the engine accepted the treatment with never a judder of protest... In the early 911's, particularly the 2 litre version, it takes some deft clutching to make a smooth start, but in the SC you just roll your foot off the clutch pedal and glide away. From then on you work your way up through the gears like a proper Porsche driver or cheat and slip into the appropriate cruising cog." The car on offer here has recently undergone a major rebuild, and is complete with details of this work, as well as an MoT, V5 and an original handbook in German. It is described as being in very good condition and has the sought after 16 inch Fuchs alloys fitted. It has had an engine rebuild recently with just 1,000km recorded. Here is a wonderful opportunity to acquire an important part of the 911 legend; a classic high performance sportscar which can be used every day.

Lot Details
Auction Spirit of Motoring
Coys, Westminster, London SW1
Lot Number230
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£7292
Condition rating0
Registration numberLBH 791Y
Chassis numberWPOZZZ91ZDS102477
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors