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Lot 032: 1936 JAGUAR SS100 2.5 LITRE

Van Dijk Collection, H&H Sales Limited (3 October 2005)

According to an accompanying Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust production trace certificate, chassis 18027 was dispatched by the works on 8th July 1936 to Yorkshire dealer Glovers of Ripon. An early 2 litre car, it was originally finished in white with red upholstery. First registered on 5th August 1936 as 'BWR 562' photocopied extracts from a buff logbook show that it had been repainted red and was in the possession of Hudson Motors by 1951. Duly sold on, it migrated from Manchester to Buckinghamshire over the next six years. Seemingly last taxed in the UK during 1957 / 1958, it appears to have been running round the roads of New York State in 1981. Re-imported to the UK five years later, it was bought by A.J. Lloyd of Lloyds Chemists from Coys of Kensington for some 53,500. By now liveried in British Racing Green with black leather upholstery and carrying a Jaguar 3 litre ohv powerplant, it was found to be in need of restoration. Anxious to trace his new acquisition's history so that it could be allocated the registration number 'BWR 562', he attempted without success to contact the Jaguar's previous American owner Z.G. Schulman. However, his investigations did bring him into contact with the Classic Jaguar Association, a copy of whose 1976 SS100 Register (Fourth Edition) revealed another car claiming chassis number 18027 that had undergone "fresh restoration 1975 by D.J. Barber". Determined to defend the provenance of his unrestored '18027', Lloyd wrote to the CJA stating "I am aware that there is a replica SS100 that was built by David Barber listed on the 1976 copy of the SS Register with a Switzerland address. However, I assure you that the car I have purchased is beyond doubt the original, with the correct chassis number stamped on the chassis and the original chassis plate and body number". As a further measure, he began correspondence with David Barber "I would dearly like to have the original logbook; can I persuade you to part with it? I am willing to pay your traveling costs and an amount for the logbook if you would come and agree that I have got the original car". Initially, his request met with no response. Nevertheless, he persisted until three years later in 1990 he was able to write "I am very grateful to you for the logbook for 18027 which I will keep with all the SS100's documents. As agreed I would like you to restore my car as soon as possible and would ask that you reserve a two and a half litre engine to be fitted". Perhaps for reasons of convenience, he eventually entrusted the restoration work to Tom Priestnall of Renaissance Cars (a local Warwickshire firm). Sadly, the extent of the work carried out there is unknown. Thought to have returned to the road in November 1991 (or so a surviving MOT certificate would imply), it had moved to Germany by 1997. Registered as 'LL-KB 100' to Klaus Brecht, photos on file show that it still sported British Racing Green paintwork (albeit refreshed) but had been re-upholstered in red leather. Issued with both a FIVA Identity Card and FIVA Fahrzeugpass 'Vehicle Passport' by the DEUVET German Federation following the prerequisite inspections, it was then treated to some 33,500DM worth of refurbishment by Markus Zippert of Old Classic's between 1998 and 1999. Returning to the UK in 1999, an application to have it issued with the registration number 'BWR 562' was granted by the DVLA. Part of the Dick Van Dijk collection since April 2000 when it was purchased from CCV European Classics Ltd of Jersey, it appears to have covered little more than a hundred miles in the last few years. Resplendent in gloss black, its red leather upholstery is offset by a black hood, silver faced SS instruments and wire wheels. Wearing Lucas P80 headlamps, Lucas 'owl eye' rear lights and Desmo rear view mirrors, it is offered for sale with extensive history file and V5C registration document. PLEASE NOTE: The other Jaguar SS100 claiming chassis number 18027 is still in Switzerland as far as we are aware. This car comes with an original SS 2.5 litre engine (no. 251147) which may be collected from Mr Van Dijk by the successful purchaser.

Lot Details
Auction Van Dijk Collection
H&H Sales Limited, Syon Park, Brentford
Lot Number032
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price£102000
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating
Registration numberBWR 562
Chassis number18027
Engine number25100 (S4465)
Engine capacity (cc)3485
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors