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Lot 382: c.1936 Velocette KTT ‘MkVI Replica’ Racing Motorcycle

Collectors' Motorcycles, Bonhams (16 October 2005)

Following the construction of the last MkV KTT in October 1935, Veloce Limited’s commitments to - among other projects - the development of the pushrod-engined M-Series roadsters meant that there would be no more production KTT racers until the arrival of the MkVII in March 1938. The handful of near-mythical MkVI bikes built in the intervening period were for works team use only. In his authoritative work, Velocette - ‘Technical Excellence Exemplified’, marque expert Ivan Rhodes records that two of the handful of MkVI frames made were used by the works team in 1936 while three others, all with big-finned alloy barrels and MkII KSS cylinder heads, were ridden by prominent privateers. The last of the MkVI series, which housed an engine topped by enlarged, square-finned cylinder head with enclosed valve-gear, formed the basis for the production MkVII KTT.

John Logan Thompson’s personal logbook records that this unique machine was acquired from Verrall’s, of South London, in part exchange for a Scott TT Replica in December 1985. The engine number ‘KTT 791’ is from the MkVII series, while the cylinder barrel and alloy ’head are those of a KSS MkII; the frame is believed to be a KTT MkIV or V, fitted with Webb forks from a KTT MkVIII. The logbook states that the oil tank is a works item, and records the considerable refurbishment work carried out and many new parts fitted post acquisition. One ‘R F Seymour’ is credited with the conception of this fascinating Velocette racing special, with Messrs ‘Alexander and Sanders’ also involved though there are no further details of its history recorded. The machine is offered without documents.

Lot Details
Auction Collectors' Motorcycles
Bonhams, Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics Show, Stafford
Lot Number382
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price£8000
Hammer Price (inc premium)£9200
Condition rating
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Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
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