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Lot 383: 1983 Lancia 037

Auto Moto D'Epoca, Coys (19 November 2005)

It seems hardly credible today but after Lancia built the 400+ examples of the Stratos needed for homologation, most of them gathered dust because not many people wanted to buy one. Within a very short time, however, the Stratos was recognised as one of the great cars of its time, they were snapped up and prices soared. In retrospect it seems obvious that the Stratos was a a great car; it came from one of the most distinguished marques in automotive history and was very successful. Despite the Stratos, people have yet to wake up to the potential of its successors as either investments or as thoroughbred classics which are delightful to own and drive. The Lancia Rally 037 has an impeccable pedigree and record - it won the 1983 World Rally Championship - yet it has still not been fully appreciated.When it appeared in 1982, the Rally was as revolutionary as the Stratos had been in 1972. It was the first of the Group B supercars and owed more to circuit racing practice than to any other rally car of its time.For a start it was a mid-engined two seat coupe with strong links with the Group 5 Lancia Montecarlo which won the 1981 World Endurance Championship. Its four cylinder, 2,111 c.c. engine was supercharged by an Abarth 'positive displacement compressor' and in works trim produced 325 b.h.p. which it fed through a five-speed ZF gearbox. The spaceframe chassis had double wishbone independent suspension and Brembo disc brakes all round. In its first season it suffered teething troubles but in 1983, facing the strongestpossible opposition from Audi, the 037 Rally dominated the World Rally Championship with results such as 1-2 in the Monte Carlo Rally, 1-2-3-4 in the Tour de Corse, 1-2 in the Acropolis, 1-3 in New Zealand and 1-2-3 in the San Remo Rally. The Lancia 037 Rally was the last competitive two-wheel drive rally car and its defeat of the Audio Quattro confounded the experts, especially since the Lancia team was operating with far fewer resources. The example you see here today interestingly was ordered directly from the Lancia works racing department by a gentleman privateer racer. It has been maintained from new by Sig.Volta of Turin, the official chief Lancia engineer who worked for Cesare Fiorio, then competition director of the Lancia racing operation. It is a wide body version fitted with a supercharged 1995cc 4 cylinder unit. The engine has been freshly rebuilt by the official works Abarth team and the car has covered only 230 racing since this work was carried out .Chassis 143 competed mainly in the 1983, 1984 and 1985 seasons, winning 2 Italian championships in the process.E' una vettura per gli addetti ai lavori e per i competenti raffinati. Basta dire che la preparazione Abarth stata fatta dal famoso Volta, capo meccanico ufficiale della squadra corse del Team Martini Racing. Queste le caratteristiche tecniche: motore a 4 cilindri tipo 232 AR4, cc 1.995 con pistoni in ceramica e compressore volumetrico, sviluppante una potenza di 360 cv; cambio ZF ad innesti frontali con rapporti corti da 220 km/h. Il motore, che monta attualmente, seminuovo, avendo disputato una sola gara. Immatricolata nel 1983, la vettura ha partecipato per tre anni consecutivi a molte gare rally e in pista, risultando vincitrice con Michele Di Gioia di 2 Campionati di velocit e prima assoluta in quasi tutte le gare disputate, circa una ventina in tre anni, tra cui i Campionati italiani di Monza, di Vallelunga, del Mugello, di Imola e del Varano. Tra i Rally in cui si imposta vanno ricordati quelli della Puglie e Lucania, del Carso e dei Colli Orientali, infine il Proserpina di Palermo.

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Auction Auto Moto D'Epoca
Coys, Fiera de Padova - Italy
Lot Number383
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