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Lot 115: 1969 BMW 1600-2 Cabriolet

Auto Moto d'Epoca, Coys (28 October 2006)

During the crisis of the 50's the 1500 was introduced and with its excellent suspension and striking design, became part of BMW's saving grace during that time period. A total of 334,165 were produced during its two years of production. Following the 1800 series, a whole new class sedan was launched during the spring of 1964, the 1600.The most legendary series ever introduced, the 1600 series came to the market in the late 1960's. A total of 10,278 were produced. Considered to be 'the best small sedan we ever drove' by the February issue of Car and Driver, the 1600 was reasonably priced and affordable to most at the time. The 1600 series, were extremely economical with up to 30 mpg possible during motorway driving. Derivatives of the 1600 were almost immediately introduced, a total of fourteen in all.In 1966, the 1602 or 1600-2 was introduced and continued to be sold until 1975. The 1602 came with an increased output of 96 hp (71 kW). The 1600 TI was introduced from 1967 to 1971 and there was a limited production cabriolet that was produced by Baur and showcased the same dual Solex PHH side draught carburettors as on the 1800 TI. The 1600 TI boasted 105 bhp. A total of 1,682 models were produced during its four year production. Produced from 1971 for one year, a hatchback 1600 Touring model was introduced briefly. The 1600 TI was discontinued soon after the release of the 2002, and the cabriolet version was ended in 1971.The cabriolet was a limited-series special, only 1,682 were built 1968-71. BMW shipped empty bodies to Karosserie Baur in Stuttgart, where they were reinforced, converted and equipped with the cabrio-unique parts. The cars were then shipped back to BMW in Munchen for final assembly. Although the body was almost unchanged in appearance (except of course for the missing roof), it had a lot of modifications. Reinforcements in the kicker panels, box sections at the firewall, under the front and rear seats and in the area where the top folds down were some of the invisible items. More obvious items were a different windscreen, different triangular windows on the doors, different seats and upholstery, and of course a foldable softop.The example you see here today of one of only approximately 300 that were sold new in Italy of which only a tiny number now survive. Perhaps the reason for this is that in its day its purchase price was more than that of a Ferrari Dino! Its first owner was a lady from Florence. The car presents itself in sound original condition although some gentle re-commissioning will be required before the car is returned to the road after a period of storage. The Baur 1600-2 cabriolet is one of the most collectable of post war BMW models. This is indeed the first time Coys has had the pleasure to offer this model at auction. An opportunity not to be missed!

Lot Details
Auction Auto Moto d'Epoca
Coys, Padua, Italy
Lot Number115
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating
Registration numberItalian registered
Chassis number1557454
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors