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Lot 009: 1917 Ford Model T Tourer

Collectors Motor Cars, H&H Sales Limited (8 June 2008)

Universally, it must be acknowledged that there are but two models of pre-war car, awareness of which can be considered part of general knowledge, expected to be known by everyone: the 'Silver Ghost' Rolls-Royce and the Model 'T' Ford. From opposing ends of the social spectrum, the Ghost and the 'T' are even more widely known than other types of car familiar to the enthusiasts, such as the Vintage Bentley and the Bullnose Morris, the Volkswagen 'Beetle' and the Austin 7. The social impact of the Model 'T' Ford, especially in the USA, is inestimable. Countless films, and especially Laurel and Hardy comedies, have made the Model 'T' tourer, of which this lot is a fine and absolutely typical example, an artefact of almost unparalleled familiarity and affection. The recipe for the Model 'T's success throughout its 19-year production run was the combination of the use of top quality materials, highly sophisticated mass production methods for the time, thus minimising costs and permitting a highly competitive selling price, and its clever design. This featured a relatively large (2892cc) but lightly stressed engine, and epicyclic gears, pedals giving two forward speeds and reverse, readily operated by the newcomers to motoring who formed the bulk of Ford's customers. The vendor, indeed, says that driving instruction is potentially available by arrangement! A flywheel dynamo generated current for the simple trembler coil ignition. The engine was sufficiently powerful to pull a 3A64:1 rear axle ratio and give useful top gear performance. As intended, the high ground clearance and flexible suspension thanks to transverse leaf springs successfully coped with the farm tracks of the more remote areas. Whilst very closely conforming to the original specification, this tourer, dated 1917 by the Veteran Car Club, does have a few additional features that many consider desirable -'Rocky Mountain' braking has been fitted, a speedometer added and an electric self-starter from a later Model 'T' installed. It is described by the vendor as being "good" with respect to the engine, electrical equipment, interior trim and wheels / tyres, and "very good" as regards the paintwork, bodywork and chassis. Recently, the transmission has been refurbished incorporating Kevlar bands.

Lot Details
Auction Collectors Motor Cars
H&H Sales Limited, Loseley Park, Guildford
Lot Number009
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating0
Registration numberSV 5639
Chassis number1444500
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)2982
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors