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Lot 05: Norton Special

Fine Collectors Motorcycles, H&H Sales Limited (22 July 2009)

This machine has been built utilising a 1938 490cc overhead cam Norton engine housed in a 1961 "featherbed" frame. The engine design was originally conceived in 1930 when the existing overhead camshaft models conceived by Walter Moore had been scrutinised by the newly installed chief designer, John Carroll, who undertook a complete redesign and by the time of the Ulster Grand Prix the new machines were meeting with considerable success. Although Carroll, assisted by Edgar Franks and development engineer Joe Craig had taken the Moore engine as a starting point little of the earlier engines design remained in the new power unit, instead Carroll adopted the best features of the various overhead camshaft designs extant and incorporated them into his own. The result was undoubtedly one of the greatest motorcycle engines ever produced, which with continual development and the addition of a second camshaft, would remain at the heart of Norton's competition activities until the beginning of the sixties. The "featherbed" frame had originally been seen at the TT in 1950 in the hands of Geoff Duke and Artie Bell and was made available on the production Manx for the following season. Designed by Rex McCandless, it was the result of nearly ten years development and would go on to house examples of virtually all Norton's production engines (including the Inter) as well as becoming a favourite with specials builders.

This machine, restored during 1999, is described by the vendor as having an excellent engine and cycle parts with a very good transmission and electrical system and very good black paintwork.

Lot Details
Auction Fine Collectors Motorcycles
H&H Sales Limited, The Pavilion Gardens, Buxton, Derbyshire
Lot Number05
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£7150
Condition rating2
Registration number612 DCG
Chassis number892891
Engine number69582
Engine capacity (cc)490
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors