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Lot 310: Bultaco 250cc Matador MKV SD

Motorcycle and Motorcars, Bonhams & Butterfields (14 November 2009)

One of motorcycling's many legends, the foundation of Bultaco was occasioned by the resignation of Francisco Xavier Bulto from Montesa, a company he had co-founded with Pedro Permanyer in 1945. The Montesa board wanted to withdraw from racing; Bulto disagreed and left in 1958, taking most of the racing department with him to set up a new company  Bultaco. By the spring of 1959 the fledgling concern's first machine - the Tralla 101, a 125cc two-stroke - was ready for production. Given the circumstances of Bultaco's birth, it should have surprised no one that the company began racing soon afterward, successfully entering a team in the roadster class at the 1959 Spanish Grand Prix. Sherpa trials, Pursang moto-cross and Matador trail/enduro models followed in the 1960s.

The machine offered here is a Matador MkV, a model designed by Luis Carreras, a gifted engineer who had left the Italian automobile industry to join Bultaco in 1969 and would be responsible for most of its subsequent motorcycles. Originally owned by Bob Hurst, this Matador has been restored from the ground upwards by Kevin Hirsch. The rebuild was completed in April 2005 after 12 months work using detailed photographs taken before and after for comparison purposes. Hughs Bultaco provided original hardware (see receipts, engine build sheets and chroming bills on file) with other hardware and original parts sourced from the late Jim Pomeroy, the American moto-cross star and ex-Bultaco works rider. (The machine is owned by and stored at Linda Pomeroy's estate). Since completion, the Matador has been exhibited at many shows including the inaugural 'Legend of the Motorcycle' event at Half Moon Bay, California in 2006, when the Matador was accepted as one of the world's top 200 motorcycles. The machine comes with a tank-mounted tool kit (made in Australia to original specification).

Lot Details
Auction Motorcycle and Motorcars
Bonhams & Butterfields, Los Angeles
Lot Number310
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price$5750
Hammer Price (inc premium)$6728
Condition rating3
Registration number
Chassis numberPB-10702216
Engine numberPM-10702216
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors