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Lot 404: Mercedes-Benz 600 SWB Limousine

Motorcycle and Motorcars, Bonhams & Butterfields (14 November 2009)

"In an age when flaunting your wealth wasn't a crime, the 600 was the automotive equivalent of Monaco. It's a masterpiece of engineering, a quantum leap over its opposition, and redefines the word opulence." - Classic & Sportscar magazine.

By the commencement of the 1960s, Mercedes-Benz's ever-expanding model range was lacking in only one department: a super prestige saloon to rival the Grosser Mercedes of the past. This gap was filled in 1963 with the appearance of the all-new 600. Representing state-of-the-art automotive engineering in just about every department and supremely well-equipped, the newcomer featured an overhead-camshaft, fuel-injected, 6.3-liter V8 engineMercedes's firstthat produced 300hp and 369 lb-ft of torque, air suspension with variable ride control, four-speed automatic transmission, all-round disc brakes, power-assisted steering, central locking and separate air conditioning systems for front and rear compartments. Built as a 5/6-seat saloon and 7/8-seat, long-wheelbase limousine - the latter beloved of Heads of State - the heavyweight 600 was endowed with respectable performance nevertheless, reaching 60mph in a little under 10 seconds and exceeding 125mph flat out.

There is little doubt Sam had Elvis, the Pope or any of the unique and interesting fellow 600 owners in mind when he raised his paddle to buy his entry into the club in 2005. Finished in brilliant silver with a black roof and clothed inside with soft, tobacco-hued leather, this car is fitted with every amenity one could desire. Although a period correct radio sit in the dash, a custom stereo and CD-player have been installedsuction-cup a GPS system to the windshield and you aren't missing many of the features found on a new Mercedes!

Lot Details
Auction Motorcycle and Motorcars
Bonhams & Butterfields, Los Angeles
Lot Number404
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price$42500
Hammer Price (inc premium)$49725
Condition rating0
Registration number
Chassis number10001212000860
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors