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Lot 407: Ford Model A Depot Hack

Motorcycle and Motorcars, Bonhams & Butterfields (14 November 2009)

The introduction of the Model A Ford in 1927 was perhaps the automotive turnaround of the century. By the close of 1926, with sales slipping and the model T becoming further antiquated, many had counted Henry Ford's genius to have passed its prime.

That was however, only a momentary thought as the Ford Motor Company utilized the forward thinking of Henry's son Edsel, who pushed for a modernization of the Model T for the 1927 model year. The retooling for the Ford model A was accomplished in ten months at a cost of $240,000,000 and Mr. Ford didn't borrow a dime.

The new Model A was a radically different car from the one it replaced. Although a flat-head four-cylinder engine remained, displacement climbed from 176cid to 200cid and horsepower doubled from 20 to 40. Meanwhile, the two-speed planetary transmission was replaced by a conventional clutch and three-speed manual unit. As with the Model T, suspension consisted of a pair of live axles with a pair of transverse leaf-springs.

The Depot Hack body style was originally introduced by a British Coachbuilder that called the style a 'Dixie' body. In either case, the features were the same: an open wagon-type platform at the rear, sheltered by a high roof.

Sam's Depot Hack is finished in tan with black fenders and orange wire wheels. The seats are sheathed in tufted black leather while green cloth covers the floor. Twin sidemounts complete the package. Although this Ford did not leave the factory with this unique body style, as it shows today, it is ready for active use are a parade car, a marketing tool, or a great way to haul the whole family in open-air motoring style.

Lot Details
Auction Motorcycle and Motorcars
Bonhams & Butterfields, Los Angeles
Lot Number407
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price$10500
Hammer Price (inc premium)$12285
Condition rating0
Registration number
Chassis number
Engine numberA3856027
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors