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Lot 222: Rejo Mk III

Techno Classica, Coys (2 April 2011)

The name Rejo has been created out of the initials of the company's founder Rod Easting and John Osbourn. Easting and Osbourn created the company in 1957 and soon built their first race car, the Rejo MkI. The Rejo MkII followed soon after and was the first one-off built with fully enveloping body, a rugged space frame chassis and independent rear axle. This was raced in 1959 and was also used on the road. At about the same time the company made another car for the Inglis brothers. This was different in that it had a restyled rear end and became the first MkIII.

It is believed that only a handful of MkIIIs were built between 1959 and 1961. The car offered here was built in 1960 and was owned by the factory, most probably as Rod Eastlings personal racing car. As per the FIA papers which accompany the car, did Eastling race the car at numerous of races from 1960 to 1963 at Silverstone, Oulten, etc. MkIII/01 was then sold to a Mr A. Cook and a J. Bond-Smith. They both together raced the car successfully throughout the season 1963 where they finished on the podium of all seven races! The Rejo was then sold in 1964 to a P. Murray who kept the car until the late 1980s. It was then completely restored by Peter Denty and changed hands a few times within the UK. The sports car was then purchased by the German enthusiast J�rgen Henning in 1995.

Henning obtained FIA papers for the car and started to research its earlier history. With a total weight of only 372 kilos and a power output of around 100bhp (as per the dyno sheet which comes with the car) out of the 1,220cc Ford engine combined with the 4 speed Ford gearbox, the car should be quite competitive against much more expensive cars such as a Lola MkI or a Lotus 11.

The car will now be sold in race prepared condition. The engine started at a recent test drive on the button and the car behaved well under all circumstances. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a potential front runner for some of the most prestigious events for 1950s sports cars.

Lot Details
Auction Techno Classica
Coys, Essen, Germany
Lot Number222
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)€36339
Condition rating0
Registration number
Chassis numberMK3/01/60
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors