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Lot 223: Porsche 911 SWB FIA Rally Car

Techno Classica, Coys (2 April 2011)

Desp1te a constantly increasing demand for the 356 production cars, it was apparent that a new model would be needed for the 1960s. As early as 1956, the Porsche designers started work on their new car, using the experience gained from the 356 series and from racing. The result was the 911. The 911 was an immediate success when the first cars left the production lines in 1964, gathering with it a more extensive competiton history than any other model of any car ever produced, from the Monty Carlo rally to Le Mans. The earliest editions of the 911 had a 130 PS flat-6 engine, in the "boxer" configuration like the 356, air-cooled and rear-mounted, displaced 1991 compared with the 356's four-cylinder, 1600 cc unit. It was mated to a five-speed manual "Type 901" transmission. The styling was largely by Butzi Porsche, son of Ferry Porsche. This rare and proper 1965 Porsche 911was originally sourced in Zurich, Switzerland in 1996. It was then restored by well-known Swiss specialist and later fully rally prepared including an extensive engine/gearbox rebuild by Perry Motors in Sweden (chief mechanic for the works 1960s/70s Porsche drivers Bjorn Waldegard and Ake Andersson). According to Per Gabrielsson , the swedish owner had the car rebu1ld at over 250,000 Swiss Francs Euros (nearly 194,000 euros at time of writing). Chassis 300683 was then entered in historic rally events around Europe from 1996-2000. Results include: 1996 FIA-EM San Remo Historic Italy: TOT 17 This was the first rally since a break of 25 years, under almost total time of the rally the car went on 5 cyl. Found out an electrical problem. 1996 FIA-EM 1000 Lakes Historic Finland: TOT 8 1997 FIA-EM Bavaria Historic Germany: TOT 8, won by Walther Rörhl in a similar car 1997 FIA-EM 1000 Lakes Historic Finland: TOT 11, punctures. 1997 FIA-EM Rally Viking Norway: TOT 3, after Ake Andersson and Jan Trajbold 1997 FIA-FM Teboil Rally: TOT 2, after Ake Andersson, but we were quicker on some stages. 1998 FIA-EM 500 MINUTI Verona Italy, abandon on 4th stage due to a broken drive-shaft. 1998 FIA-EM 1000 Lakes Historic Finland: TOT 5 1999 FIA-EM San Remo Historic Italy: TOT 8 1999 FIA-EM 1000 Lakes Historic Finland: TOT 5 , we were leading the rally up to the 4th stage when we went of slightly damaging left front and rear wings but were hooked upon a stone with the rear wheels just spinning. Lost at least 2min, went down to a 28th place and drew us up a little bit in anger. 2000 FIA-EM San Remo Historic Italy: CL 3 2000 FIA-EM 1000 Lakes Historic Finland: TOT 6 2002 SW-SM Alesvängen CL: 1 The car then changed hands, and was sold to a collector in the USA who has covered less than 200km in the car since 2003. All numbers for the chassis, engine, and transmission are correct. The engine is setup to correct Group 2 regulation from 1965 including 2.0-liter (1991 cc) flat-6 engine, Carrera 6 camshafts, Solex carburetors, and develops 180-185 hp. The 5-speed gearbox is a close ratio rally setup (with Sport-Axle: changeable 2nd gear) with a 5th gear ratio that gives the 911 a top speed of 120 mph (194 km/h) at 8000 RPM. It also features a reinforced clutch and a limited slip differential.

Lot Details
Auction Techno Classica
Coys, Essen, Germany
Lot Number223
Outcome NOT SOLD
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Condition rating
Registration number
Chassis number300683
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
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