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Lot 34: Alpine Renault A108

Car, H&H Sales Limited (8 June 2011)

Dieppe-born Jean Rédélé initially made his name racing and rallying in the 1950s at the wheel of self-prepared rear-engined Renaults. The master of the diminutive 4CV, he secured class wins in such major events as the Mille Miglia and Coupe Des Alpes rally. Quick to incorporate his own modifications, he replaced the three-speed gearboxes with five-speed units and even built some lightweight alloy-bodied cars that he campaigned with success at Le Mans and Sebring. It was then a short step to the formation of 'Société des Automobiles Alpine' and cars of his own design - the name was chosen to reflect his past successes in alpine rallies - and the company's first offering, the A106, was a star of the 1954 Paris Salon. Embodying the best of everything he'd learnt from his modified Renaults, the A106 was a rear-engined Coupe based on Renault 4CV mechanicals and clothed in a lightweight body made of fibreglass. Alpine then conspired with Michelotti to produce a stylish low-slung Cabriolet version which was underpinned by an especially stiff backbone chassis of the type that would become Alpine's hallmark. It was this platform that would form the basis of the company's second Coupe - the Renault Dauphine-powered 2+2 A108. Commendably light and agile, the newcomer not only distinguished itself on events such as the Tour de France, Tour de Corse and Nurburgring 1000km but also spawned the marque's most famous model, the 1973 World Rally Championship For Makes-winning A110. Alpine was taken over by Renault in the 1970s. The rare A108 being sold was manufactured in 1962 and features Blue bodywork and a Black interior. Recently imported from the USA, for which all taxes have been paid, the left-hand drive Alpine is considered by the vendor to have "good" bodywork, paintwork, interior, engine and gearbox. Reportedly running and driving, this stylish coupe has yet to be UK road registered or MOT tested (though, the new owner might prefer to convert it into a historic competition car).

Lot Details
Auction Car
H&H Sales Limited, The Pavilion Gardens
Lot Number34
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating
Registration number
Chassis number
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors2