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Lot 208: Ferrari 512BBi Coupé

The Monaco Sale, Bonhams (11 May 2012)

Having reasserted itself at the top of the supercar hierarchy with the first 'Boxer' - the 365GTB/4 BB - Ferrari went one better with its successor, the 512BB. The increase in engine size to 5.0 litres (from the original's 4.4) was made not so much with increased power in mind but to enable increasingly stringent emissions targets to be met without loss of performance. Changes to Pininfarina's inspired coachwork were, not surprisingly, few: a frontal chin spoiler, rear brake cooling ducts, four rear lights instead of six and revised air intake boxes, while fatter rear tyres increased the width of the 512's derrière slightly. The suspension likewise came in for only minor revision, gaining stiffer springs/anti-roll bars and altered damping rates, while the already excellent ventilated disc brakes remained unchanged. Inside, the 512 remained virtually the same as before but for the welcome adoption of multi-way adjustable seats. In 1981 the model was updated with Bosch fuel injection, becoming the 512BBi. Once again, maximum power remained unchanged but there was more available at lower revs and torque increased still further. Believed first registered in Monaco, this 512BBi has formed part of a private collection in Italy since 2004 and has seen little use since. The car displays a believed-correct total of circa of 58,000 kilometres on the odometer and is offered with Italian registration papers.

Lot Details
Auction The Monaco Sale
Bonhams, Monaco
Lot Number208
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price€55000
Hammer Price (inc premium)€59180
Condition rating1
Registration number
Chassis number46067
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors2