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Lot 209: Volkswagen Beetle 1303S

Cars & Motorcycles, Historics at Brooklands (26 May 2012)

The Volkswagen Beetle or Bug, was produced from 1938 until 2003. With over 21 million manufactured in an air-cooled, rear-engined, rear-wheel drive configuration, the Beetle is the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single design platform anywhere in the world. During the 1950's, the car was modified progressively; the obvious visual changes mostly concerned the rear windows. In March 1953, the small oval two-piece rear window was replaced by a slightly larger single-piece window. More dramatically, in August 1957, a much larger full width rear window replaced the oval one. 1964 saw the introduction of a widened cover for the light over the rear number plate. Towards the end of 1964, the height of the side windows and windscreen grew slightly, giving the cabin a less pinched look; this coincided with the introduction of a very slightly curved ('panoramic') windscreen, although the curve was barely noticeable. The same body appeared throughout 1966, with a 1,300cc engine in place of the 1,200cc engine; it was only in the 1973 model Super Beetle that it displayed an obviously curved windscreen. With the introduction of the curved windscreen came a couple of additional changes; a redesigned padded dashboard to replace the pre-1973 vertical dash, a two-speed heater fan, higher rear mudguards, and larger tail lights were added. It has been regarded as something of a 'cult' car since its 1960's association with the hippie movement and surf culture. Part of that cult status is attributed to being one of a few cars with an air-cooled, horizontally opposed engine design, and the consequent ease of repair and modification, instead of the more conventional and technically complex watercooled engine design. The original flat-four boxer design had fewer than 200 moving parts. The Beetle has made numerous appearances in Hollywood films, most notably Disney's 'The Love Bug' comedy series from 1968 to 2005, starring as a pearl-white, 1963 Beetle-racing number 53, 'Herbie'. This Beetle 1303S was registered on 5th December 1972 but was built to 1973 specification (curved windscreen). Having been restored approximately 10 years ago, she is in need of a little time and investment once again. It is described by the current vendor as being pleasant and 'fun to drive' although, sadly, the car has had very little use in recent years. Finished in Turquoise with a black interior, this enthusiast's car is supplied with a V5 document.

Lot Details
Auction Cars & Motorcycles
Historics at Brooklands, Brooklands
Lot Number209
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating
Registration numberKHU 773L
Chassis number1332066625
Engine numberAB022576
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors2