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Lot 132: Austin A35

Annual Jaguar Heritage + Sports and Prestige Cars, Barons (28 May 2012)

In 1956 a much improved version of the A30 arrived, the Austin A35. The A35 used a larger A-series engine of 948cc as found in the new Morris Minor 1000. this new powerplant gave the little Austin relatively good performance for its class and even had to some Saloon Car Racing successes during the mid-50's. The A35 now featured a larger front grille (with painted slats instead of chrome), a larger rear window, flashing turn signal indicators to replace the semaphore trafficators, remote control gear-change, but more significant in use was a new set of gear ratios. On the A30 the lower three were close together with a big gap to 4th. The A35 had much better spacing such that it could reach 60 mph in third and acceleration/hill climbing was maintained far more easily. The A30 had a compression ratio of 7.2:1 the A35 increased this to 8.3:1 to take advantage of better petrol becoming available around this time. Both cars had normal front drum brakes hydraulically operated; but the rear drums were cable and rod operated by a single slave cylinder under the floor. This proved to be a maintenance weakness and needed frequent attention to keep braking up to standards. The A35 proved to be popular with the car buying public although it soon dated after the launch of the new Mini 7 in 1959. Production of the A35 lasted in Saloon form until 1959 when the model was replaced by the Farina styled A40. This 1958 example of the A35 is said to be both mechanically and structurally , very sound and has been used as an advertising and promotional tool by the current keeper. The car is offered complete with a few spare and a British Leyland A35 manual.

Lot Details
Auction Annual Jaguar Heritage + Sports and Prestige Cars
Barons, Sandown Park Exhibition Complex- Surrey Hall
Lot Number132
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£1800
Condition rating
Registration number640 NHX
Chassis numberA2S5-HCS-83254
Engine number9-L-83254
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors