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Lot 15: Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Limousine

Cars, H&H Sales Limited (16 June 2012)

The sixth iteration of Rolls-Royce's long line of illustrious Phantom Limousines superseded the Phantom V in 1968. The last of the marque to be created around a separate chassis, it featured independent coil sprung suspension at the front, leaf springs at the rear and powerful drum brakes all round. It was powered by a derivative of the V8 Silver Shadow unit - initially of 6230cc but enlarged to 6750cc from 1979 onwards. While the smaller capacity engine was coupled to a four-speed automatic gearbox, the larger one drove through a later three-speed unit. Virtually all the 374 Phantom VIs produced were hand crafted by Mulliner Park Ward. Most were constructed as Limousines, though there were a few Landaulettes, at least one hearse and a couple of Frua-conceived Convertibles numbered among the eventual total. Manufacture of the model ceased with the closure of Mulliner Park Ward in 1991 but not before examples had transported Royalty and Heads of State the world over. The present Queen's fleet still includes a brace of Phantom VIs - the custom-built Silver Jubilee Car donated by the British Motor Industry in 1977 to celebrate her 25 years on the throne, and a more conventional 1986 model. They have no registration plates, but feature mountings for a Royal standard and coat of arms. When used by the Queen, the Spirit of Ecstasy is replaced by a custom-made solid silver model of St George slaying the dragon. It was this car that was attacked by student protestors in December 2010 while transporting The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall to the Royal Variety Show in London. It also carried Kate Middleton to her wedding with Prince William - a journey that is said to have been viewed by a million people en route and 2 billion live on TV. With Engelbert Humperdinck's last hit occurring more than 40 years ago, legions of music lovers could be forgiven for not knowing of him - until this year that is, when he was chosen to represent Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest at the ripe old age of 76. He was the first owner of this Phantom VI and by the time he purchased it new in 1969 he was a household name on both sides of the Atlantic, following the success of 'Release Me' and 'The Last Waltz'. The vendor informs us that both the Queen and the Duchess of Kent have travelled in '7639 VM' at some time and that it features in both the book 'Rolls-Royce & Bentley' by Klaus-Josef Robfeldt and an instructional video involving German soldiers. As an early example, this Phantom is powered by the 6230cc engine and is finished in Black over Blue with Grey upholstery and Blue carpets. The vendor regards the bodywork as "superb", the paintwork as "exceptional", and the interior trim, V8 engine and automatic gearbox as "very good", and is now selling the Rolls-Royce complete with jump seats and reminders of its diplomatic service - original police light and roof-mounted crest holder. PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle does not have an MOT.

Lot Details
Auction Cars
H&H Sales Limited, Rockingham Castle
Lot Number15
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating
Registration number7639 VM
Chassis numberPRH4560
Engine number4560
Engine capacity (cc)6230
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors