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Lot 211: Talbot 14/45hp Weymann Saloon

Important Collectors' Motorcars & Motorcycles, Bonhams (16 June 2012)

Formed in 1903 to import French Clément cars into the UK, the British-owned Clément-Talbot concern quickly dropped the Clément name and by 1905 was assembling partly British-made Talbots at its new factory in London. A wide variety of French-built models continued to be imported but by 1906 the first all-British Talbot had arrived. Talbot merged with Sunbeam in 1919 and the following year combined with the French Darracq concern to form the Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq (STD) conglomeration. Confusingly, the products of the Suresnes factory were badged as Talbots in France and Darracq elsewhere, and the former should not be confused with the British-made Talbots designed by Georges Roesch. Talbot was the most successful division of the Anglo-French STD combine and might well have escaped takeover by Rootes in 1935 had it not been shackled to its weaker partners. The company's healthy position had been achieved by a succession of well-engineered products penned by its designer, Swiss-born Georges Roesch, whose obsession with the pursuit of high performance through increased engine revolutions led to some of the most memorable cars of the 1930s. Talbot's Chief Engineer from 1916, Roesch rescued the company from the brink of failure with the launch of the 14/45. Introduced in 1926 as the basis of a one-model policy, the 1.7-litre 14/45 offered roomy, comfortable transport at a competitive price and, like all Roesch's Talbot creations, was powered by a smooth and flexible six-cylinder overhead-valve engine endowed with a remarkably high output for its size. The chassis was a substantial, X-braced affair featuring semi-elliptic front and quarter-elliptic rear springing, and equipped with effective brakes. Well-built but heavy, the 14/45 was nevertheless capable of around 65mph, not that ultimate performance would have been top priority for most of its prospective customers, for whom quality counted above all else. This particular Talbot 14/45 was last used in 1967, since when it has been kept in dry storage. The Weymann-type body appears sound with little noticeable door drop and the fabric quite good, while the interior remains in surprisingly good condition, retaining all the original upholstery, headlining, etc, nicely preserved. Overall, this is an unmolested and eminently restorable 'barn find'. There are currently no documents with this lot, but it is hoped a new V5C would have been obtained by the time of sale, sold strictly as viewed.

Lot Details
Auction Important Collectors' Motorcars & Motorcycles
Bonhams, Oxford, UK
Lot Number211
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price£5200
Hammer Price (inc premium)£5980
Condition rating3
Registration numberRP 5192
Chassis numberAF23222
Engine number2175
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors