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Lot 219: Singer Nine Le Mans Tourer Project

Important Collectors' Motorcars & Motorcycles, Bonhams (16 June 2012)

By the beginning of the 1930s, Singer was in a secure financial position and the third largest UK car producer behind Morris and Austin. In 1932 the Coventry firm introduced one of its fondest remembered and most successful models: the Nine. The Singer Nine's immediate ancestor was the 8hp Junior, a successful high-quality light car powered by a 848cc four-cylinder overhead-camshaft engine. Built from 1932 to 1939, the Nine employed a 972cc 26.5bhp version of this motor (first used for the Junior Special) in an entirely new chassis. A four-speed freewheel gearbox was standard, while both the Nine Sports and the more powerful and faster Nine Le Mans came with hydraulic brakes. The latter model had resulted from a successful venture into endurance racing, when a Nine Sports took 13th place in the 1933 Le Mans 24-Hour Race. But it was in trials events that the sporting Nines proved particularly effective, successfully challenging the previously dominant MGs. In its first season the Sports Nine won eight premier awards in the London-Exeter Trial; eleven in the London-Land's End; twelve in the London-Edinburgh; and four silver cups in the Scottish Six Days. A total of 495 awards had been taken in trials alone by the end of the 1934 season. This dismantled example of one of the 1930s' most desirable small sports cars was sold new via Carrs Auto Sales and first owned by J L Chase, the vicar of North Walsham, Norfolk and subsequently by Bill Nichols of Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire. Its late owner acquired the Singer in 1978. The accompanying extract from the factory records confirms matching chassis/engine numbers and reveals that the car was delivered finished in Napier Green. There are no other documents with this Lot, which is offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed.

Lot Details
Auction Important Collectors' Motorcars & Motorcycles
Bonhams, Oxford, UK
Lot Number219
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price£1400
Hammer Price (inc premium)£1610
Condition rating
Registration numberTSV 371
Chassis number61660
Engine number54882
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors