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Lot 111: Jaguar E-type S1.5 4.2 FHC

Classic, Collectors, Sports and Prestige Cars, Barons (16 July 2012)

After 6 years in production the E-type Jaguar underwent a significant face-lift and was upgrade to many areas in order to comply with USA regulations and to appeal to a wider market. The enclosed headlamps were now to be open, with chrome finishers filling the gaps, the side lights and indicators would drop below the bumpers, the brakes were improved, toggle switches replaced with rocker type and a myriad of other minor changes. During the process of moving from Series 1 to Series 2, there were a number of cars produced with features from both models and these have become known as Series 11/2 , which is what we have here. This 1967 Series 1 1/2 4.2 FHC was discovered, along with a second E-type, in a Battersea garage, some time ago. The car had been stored there since 1984. The vendor was offered the car and took it on with the intention of completing the works. Restoration had begun with the suspension and running-gear having been done, including the rear cage. Much of these parts are new. Work had also been started on the bodywork but had not progressed far and the interior has not been started. Unfortunately pressure of work and life in general meant that car remained untouched and the vendor has decided that he will never get it done. The car is offered as a full, rolling restoration. It is thought to relatively complete but the vendor does believe that here are some parts missing, including some of the glass.

Lot Details
Auction Classic, Collectors, Sports and Prestige Cars
Barons, Sandown Park Exhibition Complex-Esher Hall
Lot Number111
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£8500
Condition rating
Registration numberUOY 20
Chassis number1E21570
Engine number7E13652-9
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors