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Lot 309: Doodle Bug

Quail Lodge Sale, Bonhams (16 August 2012)

Think "scooter" and images of the full-bodied Italian Vespa or Lambretta come to mind. But America had a vibrant scooter industry too, led by Cushman but with many other secondary players. Among those was Doodle Bug, a jaunty art-deco design manufactured in Iowa by the Beam Mfg. Co. between 1946-48. Approximately 40,000 of the scooters were produced, many sold in Gambles department stores as "Hiawatha" models or in Western Auto stores as the "Western Flyer." All were painted in the company's signature red paint. Hobday's scooter is a Super Doodle Bug model from the last batch made, powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine and differentiated from earlier models by its left-side hand lever and the addition of a parking brake.

Lot Details
Auction Quail Lodge Sale
Bonhams, Carmel, California, USA
Lot Number309
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price$2000
Hammer Price (inc premium)$2300
Condition rating
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