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Lot 31: Hindustan Ambassador

Cars, H&H Sales Limited (19 September 2012)

Strictly speaking, this 'Amby' should be referred to more accurately as a Fullbore Mark 10, since it is one of a modest run of the Indian-built, Morris Oxford-derived cars which were imported brand-new to the UK in the Nineties by Fullbore Motors of Kensington, London. Upon arrival in the UK each Fullbore car was repainted to a greater standard and with more suitable paint than the original which would have fared badly in the British climate. In addition the tyres and seals were upgraded, and a heater and catalytic converter were fitted, all of which meant that the list price for the Mark 10 was a rather steep 11,425. This car's two registered keepers to date are, we're told, a doctor and a vicar - both of whom used the car regularly and recorded a full service history. The vendor considers the interior, five-speed transmission, and 74bhp Isuzu engine to be in "good" order, but adds that the car is likely to require some welding in the near future. Both the current MOT and Tax Disc expire in March 2013, and the mileage reads as 170,000 kilometres (105,000 miles).

Lot Details
Auction Cars
H&H Sales Limited, Newbury Racecourse
Lot Number31
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£780
Condition rating3
Registration numberN847PUU
Chassis numberAMU730740
Engine number3ELAV038630
Engine capacity (cc)1817
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors